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Eugene, United States

I Love Color and looking into different mediums to work with. / Enjoy the color and the feel.

Three Years and some helpful tips

I am celebrating three years here at Redbubble this month. A wonderful time and many great friends. So many fantastic pieces of Art and Writing all spinning around in the head inspiring and pushing on.

Since I have been here and been a Host I have noticed many ways to get your art out into view.

*Groups help but the older art never gets seen in them as the pages mount up.

*Tags work extreamly well be sure and use them wisely as to the nature of the art or writing.

  • As you add to you portfoilo, the older art also gets pushed back.
    Newer groups you have joined do not have the older art in them why not add them to your new groups. When you have been around awhile the art disappears it is good to bring it back up again.

*Challenges gets your art viewed

*redoing your profile page and adding new images to the 6 art pieces that show

*Doing a redbubble site galley is really helpful to people who are shopping,I have had many sales come from the RB gallery.
You have control of the pages and the art,the sequences in which the art is shown .

*Try something new,A good challenge to yourself is always a great way to test the skills and learn new ones.

  • If you are a new member to redbubble and are having problems I suggest you try asking one of The Scouts here on Redbubble. They are here to help all members with questions about RB. and to welcome in new members to RB.
  • If you buy art be sure and post it in RB Buyers Booth they not only show the art you bought but link to your profile as well.

I have had the best time here at Redbubble and have learned so much from everyone.Many new art challenges and even writing!
My best part is the Friends I have made,such awesome people all of you
Many thanks to all for the support and friendships.

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