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I am a Stay at Home Mom that wanted something to be different for herself. I do my art for me. I want my art to sell, but I would do this art even if I never sold anything. I don’t sell much but am not a very good seller. I appreciate art for arts’ sake and so its hard for me to even tout my own wares as superior to others’ in competition. I strive for my work to speak for itself, as it speaks a lot of me. I put emotion into my work more on a level with dream feelings. I seasonally change my mediums. You will see more photography in the summer than in the winter. During the darker times of year when the ice and snow make everything white I tend to huddle in front of my computer and create vibrant textures and colors using photographs and graphic design programs of various types from Apophysis and Terragen and Photoshop and Poser. I am constantly re-teaching myself with all the new techniques that crop up. I have found that most classroom situations make me uncomfortable as my thought processes don’t amount to linear thinking most of the time.

My children are six and nine. My son is my little whiz kid, and my daughter is my little mountaineer to be. Both have their special talents and seem to be up for almost anything. I am sure my daughter will be a lawyer who climbs Mt. Everest for the fun of it and my son will not only create a new space shuttle but pilot it when they find a way to control his type I diabetes. My husband is a veteran of the USMC and is highly supportive of what I do. He thinks I am good :) I like hearing it, and hope so :) I don’t think he can be objective be he swears he wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true ;) Gotta love that :) Not only that but he cooks and is handsome too boot. He’s working on getting an IT repair job soon..hopefully. Economy is tough all over even in Alaska and that makes it hard to feel artistic at times. I do pet sitting and childcare sometimes on the side. The fact is, I hope my art does well enough that pet sitting will become my hobby instead of my on call work. :) Eventually that will happen..eventually. I hope it will, and I know it will one way or another. Mostly I just like showing it off..its a little piece of me every time I post something..something I saw, a place I went, and usually those pictures of wildlife are all by myself without any aid of getting away. There is an element of risk that I am proud to take, there is an element of creativity that I am honored to be a part of as someone who tries to artistically portray nature’s miracles. I try very hard to capture them without disturbing them or harassing them and I try even harder not to tick them off (for my own safety of course, but because I try to be gracious to my subjects of photography). They are kind enough to stand still for long periods at times. Birds are a challenge for me. I have always adored photographing them but the little buggers never sit still long and I have little patience for creatures that refuse to see I am not there to harass them just watch them. (Which I suppose I wouldn’t like getting stared at either..but now the they even try to take my least the ones that like shiny things) So, its got to be fixed before I get a chance to show off any new season stuff here. (Ravens…lovely critters..til you want to take their picture..some how all of a sudden the camera is a gift?) So this is a little about me. I know, it rambles a bit, but then it wouldn’t be me if it didn’t. I just thought my last one was a little too formal, and this is more me :)

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Iditarod 2010 Is ON!

Today was the ceremonial start of the 38th Annual Iditarod Sled dog race..otherwise known as the “Last Great Race”. This is race is like no other mostly because sleds are powered by dogs, not man. Man drives, dogs mush. They go approx 1050 miles in usually under 11 days. The latest man to beat is Lance Mackey! He’s won a record three times in a row, once while suffering throat …
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Is My Art Worth Anything

Saw this article today on RB…a comment below the article caught my interest as much as the article itself and I am coming from the point of that question. “Is my art worth anything” which was asked by: artisandelimage / / That my friends, is the 10million dollar question! It is with …
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Planting time!

We went Strawberry plant digging today in an old abandoned trailer park. They are clearing it for a new building project, and there are tons raspberries and strawberries all over that will just be wiped out. My family and a friend went digging and got a bunch though. Might get more if these survive. Don’t want to see that great wild patch completely flattened but that is what will happen. …
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I think I like it here :)

So far easy uploading, easy to prep for display..very cool site and neat groups. I think I am going to like it here. I’ve been a member for some time but have been so mucked up with too many memberships that I needed to stop doing that for awhile. It gets confusing remembering where I belong to all the time :)
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