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London, United Kingdom

Empire State of Mind

Happy New Year everyone!

Last year one of my New Year Resolutions was to visit New York, which I managed to achieve, with a week long trip in December.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to book a holiday – I’ve wanted to go for so long, heard so much about it, seen so much of it in films, I kind of felt like I’d already been there.

It was just how I expected: vibrant, unashamedly large and overstated, hectic and beautiful. It was lovely to see the American architecture, in the brownstones of Brooklyn, and the skyscrapers. Everything was so much larger than I’m used to. In London there may be a few skyscrapers around the place, but everywhere you turn in New York there’s huge, grand buildings dominating the sky line. It really is a man made jungle, which I adored.

I couldn’t get over how friendly the Americans were either. It was lovely and refreshing to experience, as everyone in London is pretty grumpy, no one really makes an effort to make conversation or smile at each other. The subway in NYC was a joy to be on, people actually talked and joked with each other, and in shops the cashiers chatted to us.

I was in my element with my camera over there, I just wish I wasn’t so rushed trying to squeeze everything in – I would have loved to have been able to take my time more, to get some really thought through shots. I guess it’s an excuse to go back soon.

That trip also made me realise that my 1000D wasn’t quite cutting it for me anymore. One evening we went to Brooklyn Heights to walk along the river front, and I wanted to get photos of Lower Manhattan lit up. My ISO is ridiculously low (highest is 1200), so even with my 50mm lens which I find is best, all the pictures were horrifically noisy. Just little things like that have made me look into getting an upgrade… SO, I have ordered a 60D :) :)

I am so excited!! Christmas has come a month late for me! I just hope it arrives soon. Fresh start, and, I can film with it too which is going to be amazing :)

I’m slowly adding my photos from my trip to my portfolio (I have 1000 to sort through!), so check them out if you’re interested. I’m also already dreaming of my trip back there…


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