Contour Creative Studio is a professional illustration and design studio built around the versatile talents of artists and designers, Rosie Louise and Terry Moyle. The Studio’s work is published in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and is collected internationally.

The Studio publishes its own range of collectible Art Deco Postcards and provides art and design under license. The studio focuses on the creation of fine quality neo-deco and retrospective art as well as creating and illustrating their own range of fine-scale paper airliners from the 1920’s.

As well as a long career as a graphic designer and illustrator, Rosie is one of the world’s leading female aviation artists with a unique combination of work in Golden Age Aviation subjects and paper model aircraft.

" Producing high quality art that has the resonance and the human content to work in a range of different contexts – from decorative to fine art – is what we focus on."

  • Joined: October 2011