I am an English Tutor and creative writer who lives in Kansas. I have a cat and a 4 year old. They drive me crazy in that order. ;-)I dabble in every form of art. I have done so all of my life. I continue to grow and learn and experiment, and I imagine I will do so until I’m in a coffin.
It would seem, since I am a writer and fluent in two languages (English/Spanish), that by now I could write one of these blurbs about myself that would simply knock your socks off. The problem is, short writing about myself doesn’t happen unless it’s poetry and it comes on its own. So what you get here is my horrendous excuses for not writing a better profile blurb. I’m sure you’ll live another day without knowing anything else about me. Just check out my work.
I also have my own network for writers and other creative artists.~ Come visit me at Constantinople by clicking this link~ Constantinople

  • Age: 36
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