I became a photographer with the dawn of the digital age. My first camera was purchased for doing real estate marketing. It was thanks to the hours we spend on the road selling the Pikes Peak high country that I began to focus more on the landscape, the flora and fauna of this magical place. Many hundreds of photographs later, I understand that reaching people’s hearts through the focus of my lens is the real beauty of photography. And the High Country is so beautiful as to break your heart. I now carry my camera everywhere and even plan vacations and road-trips specifically for photo opportunities ( and rock hounding!).

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This is a link to one of my favorites: “Country Road Take Me Home.” Just click on the link to enjoy the photo. I love this autumn shot of aspens on Country Rd 100 near our home, I shoot it every year. It’s always different yet always beautiful!.


“Mountain Mama, take me home, down country roads….”

The words and music of Colorado’s beloved John Denver are a testament to the beauty of our world, no matter where our country roads are found. Mine are around Pikes Peak and the High Country behind it.

Thank you for visiting COmtnmama; Colorado Mountain Mama’s page. My name is Christine Ford and I hope you find your visit to this page worthwhile. All the photos are available as prints, cards, calendars, etc. through RedBubble. Christmas is approaching fast! I’d love to personalize a calendar or card collection for you. Please respect my copyright and do not reproduce without my permission.

Please enjoy browsing the special collections on your right, or scroll down to see what I’ve posted recently. All of my works are collected under the Portfolio tab above. Click on an image to view it large, to see it variously framed or as a card. You can then click on “description” for the obvious, or on “comments” to see how many awards it has won or groups it has been featured in. Please send me a BubbleMail if you have a special request.
Since I began shooting the High Country in 2004, I have become a published author and photographer, producing articles and accompanying pictures for the Park County- wide visitors guide, Summer in the Park and Winter in the Park, published by the Arkansas Valley Publishers Group. I became a journalist at the Fairplay Flume ( same owner) and focused my lens on community events as well. I have recieved the greatest satisfaction from these activites. I am currently writing for the monthly, The Ute Country News, distributed throughout Teller County, CO.

My art has become intermittent due to chronic health problems, so new images posted here are cherished and celebrated as evidence of my continuing physical ability to embrace life.

Please take your time browsing these images of Colorado and environs. Each shot was carefully considered specifically for your enjoyment. I read and appreciate each and every comment posted here and even more, each sale of these works. And, as always, I thank you for supporting the disabled in their endeavors.

Thank you;

COmtnmama, aka Christine Ford

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