The world according to Red Bubble

My life before Red bubble was mundane and pretty slow,
I’d eat and sleep and watch the box, and keep up with the flow,
I’d cook and clean and go to work and baby sit the kids,
I’d feed the cat and wash the car and sort the saucepan lids,
I’d dust and mop and garden with a vengeance off and on
when bingo time would come around all day I would be gone
to say my life was routine would be to understate
and if you called it boring well I would say its fate
but then one day “sunset” came round, red bubble I did discover
now life has taken quite turn, for me and for my mother
no more routine for us you see its very different now
the dishes pile upon the sink, no sweat’s upon my brow,
I’ve given up my job because I couldn’t fit it in
I wear upon my face all day a very happy grin
I’ve left the washing, ironing too and meals we often buy
the garden weeds are happy and the days and nights just fly,
for red bubble time disappears to where I do not know,
days and nights meld into one the hours they just go
my mum and I are busy finding shots we can upload
no time for mundane chores because we’re in red bubble mode
my husband is beside himself, his meal he’s learn’t to cook
no longer does he argue he just gets this funny look
and if I say “we’re going now” he knows the repercussions
today nothing will be clean it’s not up for discussion
now sleep deprivation’s not the words that I would really say
its just I’ve found my body needs 2 hours sleep a day
by time I check the challenges and read the bubblemail
upload to my portfolio and check if there’s a sale
I need the time to comment on the very lovely art
on red bubble this would always be the most important part
because we can uplift each other and make the spirits soar
with these nice and simple words-“your art I just adore”!
it doesn’t leave much time for the little things in life
like make our home run smoothly and be a normal wife
I think my husband gets it now, he’s playing second fiddle
Red Bubble Rocks! it’s number one and hubby’s in the middle.

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The world according to Red Bubble by 

Thank you to my Red Bubble family you have not only given me a new lease of life but my mother too… shame about the husband though…
I would like to thank “Sunset” (Sam Van) for introducing me and my family to Red Bubble- drop by and look at her portfolio- she is a very talented photographer and artist- my family also have enjoyed visiting Red Bubble, in particular, my daughter Sue Smith has enjoyed purchasing artworks and cards from Red Bubble. Mygranddaughter Sarah, known as xoxanimalsxox is another one stung by the red bubble bug and is turning out some wonderful work, thanks for stopping by, cheers and bubblehugs- Valerie xxx


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  • CraigsMom
    CraigsMomover 5 years ago

    Wonderful poem, and I agree whole heartedly. I love Red Bubble

  • LOL!! it is really addictive, but thats O.K., it is a wonderful community, cheers- Valerie xx

    – Coloursofnature

  • Jan Richardson
    Jan Richardsonover 5 years ago

    Valerie, this poem is great!!!! With the changing of a few words here and there, it would be so true of such a lot of RedBubble members, too! Wonderful, my friend!

  • LOL! yes I think it could be repeated the world over and that is a great credit to the Red Bubble team, cheers- Valerie xx

    – Coloursofnature

  • rasnidreamer
    rasnidreamerover 5 years ago

    I absolutely love this Valerie! You have hit the nail on the head!!!

  • LOL!! unfrotunately it is true, I have tried to get him hooked but it doesn’t work- oh well at least he is housetrained now! LOL cheers my friend

    – Coloursofnature

  • Marcella Morgan Chestnut
    Marcella Morga...over 5 years ago

    This is sooo great! It’s light-hearted but oh so true! I’m sure hundreds (if not thousands) of bubblers can relate… as well as their significant others!!! lol. I’m happy to FEATURE your writing in our group. :) ~MC

  • Thank you so much Marcella, I really love red bubble and am truly grateful for all the efforts the moderators put in. I always wanted to be an artist and now I feel that I have fullfilled that desiore, cheers- Valerie xx

    – Coloursofnature

  • Rachel Stickney
    Rachel Stickneyover 5 years ago

    LOL, I can relate! I’m sure a lot of us can! Wonderful humorous poem!

  • Thanks Rachel, its always nice to have a visit from you- cheers- Valerie xx

    – Coloursofnature

  • Jakki O
    Jakki Oover 5 years ago

    Wonderful and well written!!…Love the Bubble :D

  • Thank you so much, how could you not love it!! It is wonderful people like you that make RB what it is, thanks for the visit and comment, cheers- Valerie

    – Coloursofnature

  • Pat Yager
    Pat Yagerover 5 years ago

    Valerie, you’ve done it! – Expressed what SO many of us feel, as we’re inspired and uplifted by the photos and art of others, and then get to actually “talk” with the artists! It just amazes me when I can take a photo, post it on Redbubble, and almost immediately hear from someone, say, in South Africa – all within five minutes! Thanks for verbalizing so well what I feel! – Pat

  • LOL!!! Thanks Pat, it is truly amazing, I commented to my husband today that the inspiring thing for me is that every five seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, someone somewhere in the world is conmmenting on another persons artwork on Red Bubble. I don’t know of many people that can claim that, thanks for your lovely vist and very welcome comment, cheers and hugs- Valerie xx

    – Coloursofnature

  • Marjorie Wallace
    Marjorie Wallaceover 5 years ago

    OMG! This is just wonderful and as Pat says, it does express what many of of us feel. I have been attempting to curb this addiction, but it just gets worse and time goes on and I learn the different functions of RB program. I hope that you have ordered something from Reb Bubble as well. I was beside myself with joy when I received my cards and calendars and just how beautiful and what a wonderful quality they are. Keep up the good work,. This was so well expressed as many of us can relate.

  • LOL addicted is the word, I have had to gert a second job just to pay for my RB things. I always buy them to see the quality and the finished product. I have had to alter a couple of my Tees designs because when I received them I found mistakes in them, thanks for your very welcome visit, favourites and comments, cheers- Valerie

    – Coloursofnature

  • Jane Best
    Jane Bestover 5 years ago

    I can definitely relate to this!!! (-: Lovely and SO expressive and SO SO true! Thanks for writing it and thanks for posting it.

  • Hello Jane, thank you so much for your very welcome visit and comment, I have been away for nearly three weeks so I was having serious RB withdrawal until today as I had no internet access where I was. Happy New Year to you and lots of bubbling- cheers- valerie

    – Coloursofnature

  • ibchick
    ibchickover 5 years ago

    Terrific poem! Reminds me of Shel Silverstein.

  • Thanks so much for your lovely visit and comment, I haven’t heard of Shel Silverstein but I will certainly goole that name, thanks Valerie xx

    – Coloursofnature

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