The Perfect Imperfection

No one knows how to love her
The girl with the face
A face that looks like the last of a superior race
A race far superior than that of human beings
For her face is that of which angels envy
Of what dreamers dream and drool over
Her mind is an island
Undiscovered by any man
For they always love to explore her body
And never the unexplored terrains
of her mind
Swim in her sea of thoughts
Fly through the lavender mist of her dreams
Get tangled in the webs of her emotions
No one knows how to make her smile
None even attempted to bench press
That frown that has her happiness suppressed
and lost
Waiting to be found

I want to clear the dark skies
That pollutes her mind
Leaving it lost
And her confuse
I want to see a sparkle in her eyes
A lit fuse
A smile on her face
A completed picture
Not a rumble of remains
Of where her heart use to live
And beatbox the reality of its struggle
and its pain

No one knows how to see her
For she is not just
A woman who face is pretty
Bares a nice ass
and decent sized titties
She is far more
But no one knows that
No one is brave enough to explore
Beyond that of what the eye can see
Look eye to eye with her soul
And make love to it
And not just the beauty of her exterior
But make love to fill in the empty crevices
Within her unloved interior
See everything that she really is
For she really is

The perfect imperfection
of my heart’s affection

And I want to know how to love her

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I love to find myself when i’m alone
so I often journey through the valleys of the pages
of my sketchbooks -that hold the stories of my past

So here I painted a picture of what I read about the ways I was feeling towards the girl of my affection who is now my ex….I often dream that we were still together…but everything happens for a reason

I also was inspired with this conversation I had with someone recently…..and that how no one knew how to love her… I was determined to have this done …..I’m glad I was able to create something…..enjoy…..-colorblind


relationships, love, heart, colorblind, dying, emotions


  • jacqleen
    jacqleenover 4 years ago

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwww… love someone…and SEE someone like the way you see and feel her….wowwwwwwwwwww….she is ONE lucky lady…and a special ONE indeed :)
    and i love love your art here as well :)….Love YOUR passion, my friend :) xx

  • Jascie Epinn
    Jascie Epinnover 4 years ago

    so sweet these are the thoughts that all women would like their man to think, good on ya. I love the meshing of the oblong colors on the face, like the curves of the mind mixing with the curves of the body.

  • poeticgenius
    poeticgeniusover 4 years ago

    nicely done I need not say more

  • diLuisa Photography
    diLuisa Photog...over 4 years ago

    ooooooooh I love it!!!! considering I am one of those people who just loves Love…….then I loved this all the way through, starting for the imperfectly perfect title!!!!
    Luisa :) xxxxxx

  • JaneSolomon
    JaneSolomonover 4 years ago

    I think you must be a very special man! Beautiful! xx

  • Jono83
    Jono83over 4 years ago

    everything about this is magical.

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 4 years ago

    wow – you really so very special. so beautiful – just beautiful. xoxoxo

  • Christie  Moses
    Christie Mosesover 4 years ago

    This is simply beautiful and your heart is as well. xx

  • blackvixen
    blackvixenover 4 years ago

    o my god!!!! i cannot find the right words to describe the beauty of your work…..if only i could find a man like you :))) true beauty is from within….love your work…your mind and soul…u trully are special….i love this part very much
    The perfect imperfection
    of my heart’s affection

    And I want to know how to love her

  • smilez if only i could find a woman of same caliber as you… yea when that came to me…i said i have to write that down…lol…truly….i’m glad you take a liking to my work…..smilez

    – colorblind

  • Chaharra Gilman
    Chaharra Gilmanover 4 years ago

    DAMNNNNnnnnnnnnnn son- lol i dont know if im turned on by the passion of your heart- dazed by your understanding for any soul or inlove with you lol very well done

  • thank you…lol
    glad you like
    just like you have someone that motivates and inspires you to create wonders of art…i do
    thank you …i haven’t wrote anything in a minute i’m have to get back on that …smilez

    – colorblind

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