Is This the End of Our Love Story?

Is this the end of our love story?
Does it end with just a few chapters
To not even end with a happily ever after
Am I…
….. forever to be …..
… just …
… the frog prince? …
…to stay…
…just a frog?
Never to be kissed by his princess
And manifest into the handsome prince
Does the Beast ever acquire his Beauty?
And does the kiss ever fall upon the sleeping beauty
To awaken her soul to her true love?
Don’t close the book on our love
We still got pages to write
More chapters to create
We have a story to complete
So let me dip my pen in your heart
To acquire the love I need to finish my half
And you take your pen and do like wise
So that I – the frog prince
Can stay a frog no more
And kiss the princess – You
The one that I adore
And manifest into the handsome prince
For the Beast to acquire his Beauty
And the kiss to fall upon the sleeping beauty
To awaken her soul to her true love
Don’t worry I didn’t allow for us to lose our spot
I saved it
I didn’t allow time to close this book
Went hand to hand with the hands of time
And came out with time on my hands
And use those hands to rescue our book
From being shelved into the shadows of yesterday
For this is not the end of our love story
….just the begin….

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Is This the End of Our Love Story? by 

Every relationship goes thru it ups and downs ….so we actually came close to calling it quits till we thought of it being us and decided to fight on. Glad to say we still together on this day 9-17-2009
But hope you all enjoy…sincerely daz


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  • S .
    S .almost 5 years ago

    big ups on this one
    guess you will see
    good luck on this one

  • I will just hope for the best i love the chick really do bro
    i don’t want this to end …..just the thought of it makes me feel a sharp pain…thanks for peeping it out bro

    – colorblind

  • Nascha
    Naschaalmost 5 years ago

    Relationships take work cb and I’m so glad you and your gal have the nuts to persevere… will be well worth it. xxx

  • thanks for your words truly jane …xoxoxo…we shall overcome anything

    – colorblind

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omaralmost 5 years ago

    A writing that draws pictures…incredible….love is certainly beautiful!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  • awww isn’t it …truly thank you my dear friend xoxoxoxox …i love the beautiful feeling called love

    – colorblind

  • Arco Iris  R
    Arco Iris Ralmost 5 years ago

    Wow. This is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful. If she still has something picking at her, just show her this one, if you already haven’t, and she’ll surely melt. Just one kiss for the prince to come out. Well Mr, you are already a prince to me whether you get your kiss or not. But alas, it is the kiss from the princess and the kiss of the prince that will make the inner prince come out and wake Sleeping Beauty (hope you don’t mind, but to her senses). Just kidding on that one. But I loved this. Iris

  • lol thank you dear friend truly a smile on my face….i can’t wait to read this to her or for her to see this…i love to write pieces for her and surprise her with them…thank you for viewing it and leaving a wonderful comment

    – colorblind

  • ricardo perez jr
    ricardo perez jralmost 5 years ago

    fuck yea ! i ask myself dat just a frog prince? hella’ tight

  • thanks dawg truly wat it do ….glad to have you pass on my work

    – colorblind

  • BiographyofRed8
    BiographyofRed8almost 5 years ago

    im happy to know you and your beloved are staying on and fighting, sometimes love like this is worth the fight, and you are right, there are too many stories, too many pages left blank, needing to be filled in,

  • true …smilez…thank you for reading and commenting my piece ….i plan on talking to her later since i can’t see her hopefully this weekend we’ll be able to see each other …i can’t wait till she reads the new material

    – colorblind

  • wingsoffire
    wingsoffirealmost 5 years ago

    Love the fantasy feel to this one Daz, A beautiful outpouring from a loving soul.

  • Awww thank you smilez….i’m hoping to get the same effect from her ….i don’t think she seen this one yet and a few others i posted up on here some i’m hoping to leave her dazzled by them..thank you for reading

    – colorblind

  • wigs
    wigsalmost 5 years ago

    this is sooooooooo beautiful and enchanting….. I can relate to this with my current situation, patience is the key and communication….which sometimes can be very difficult to achieve, but worth the reward at the end… so many chapters still to write for sure….all the best

  • awww really …glad that you can relate to it …and trust you continue to bear thru and pull thru
    the best has yet to come …smilez

    – colorblind

  • CrystalNoellyn
    CrystalNoellynalmost 5 years ago

    Oh my gosh! That is absolutely wonderful! I felt close to quits not too long ago, and I am glad that I stuck with it, kept to my leatherneck, because it is really worth it. This piece really describes how I felt. I’m glad you kept with your girl. Thank you for sharing this piece with us. It is really amazing!

  • awww thank you crystal …nice to see that you stuck in there and it turned out great….theres always going to be bumps in the road …but you just got to navigate smoothly over them ….thanks for reading and glad you like it ..smilez

    – colorblind

  • Shanna J. S. Dunlap
    Shanna J. S. D...almost 5 years ago

    Brilliant colorblind. So heartfelt and creative. Relationships can be difficult but the best ones are the ones worth fighting for. Amazing as always!! Keep it up. : )

  • smilez thank you ….i will keep it up both with my art and writing and with my girl ….smilez
    thank you for your love xooxxoooxoxo

    – colorblind

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