The Human Race

I live in a country with a brilliant palette and mix
But we hesitate to create
Blind to see that we can make a better picture
If we stopped seeing with stagnant perspectives
And make it our objective
To stay positive and forget negative
To hate another just because of the color of their skin
Is ignorant
And to think of the many kids that have and will
Be taught not to affiliate with other people
Because their colors aren’t of the same hue
Or because others don’t see with the same view
To many living in the past
Still seeing things in black and white
They only see static
They don’t get the picture
We are the picture
Every color
Every race
Every face
And racism isn’t just your clash of Black versus White thing
Its a global thing
It comes in the form of hate that derives from
Historic, cultural, religious, economic or demographic reasons
Living in the same season after season
No change
No progress
Where is this hate of yours taking you
Honestly what does this bring to you
What do you gain
What do you harvest
From the anger
The hatred
The violence
The murder
The silence
…….of the dead
That is of your making
From your hands
And the baby making
That you raise to be of the same image of you
A ignorant son of a bitch
That never grows to see the world for themselves
Because they are rob of their vision at birth
Implanted with the same views and mindset as yours
That continues to live on
A virus that will continue on
And it doesn’t cost a dime to cure
And rid us of this virus
We are the cure
And it just costs us some common sense
And putting a stop to the stereotyping
Racial profiling
Racial segregation
And crimes of apartheid
Because its filing
….us apart, with the “You’s and I’s”
We are out of tuned
And fail to harmonize
So there is no harmony
So we harm-u-n-me
Gang up and form armies
Ku Klux Klan
Neo Nazis
Nation of Islam
To bring about a new regime
By any means necessary-
Ethnic cleansing
Hate crimes
Race wars
And genocides
We are just commencing suicide
Because we all are connected
The “U’s” N “I’s”
We make up the word “unified”
But we try to deny
That you and I
Are of the same design
We make up the world
We need to open up our eyes
And stop seeing static
And get the picture
That we are the picture
Every color
Every race
Every face
A motion picture
That is suspended in time
Never to see a happily ever after
Because we’re stuck on
The same page
The same chapter
And some of us never gotten to page one
Because we judge every book by its cover
No wonder
Why we don’t attain any knowledge
We pass the opportunity up, blinded by ignorance
Never to get the image
The image that every person is a reflection of one’s self
We all are equal
We all are people
We need to stop seeing the racial
But start seeing the ratio
The heart of racism
Is hate
And hate is a poison
That infects everything
It comes in contact with
And poison is lethal
Thus making hate lethal
Making racism the lethal ejection
That has killed billions
Effecting young minds
To grow to follow short lived footprints
To continue like reruns
When we people come to see that there is only one race

The Human Race

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If you ever wanted to know why my alias was – Colorblind
This poem here will explain all.

“Racism is man’s greatest threat to man – The maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason – Abraham J. Hesahel”

Hopefully you will enjoy
I’ve been wanted to convey and give an explantation to the name Colorblind
It truly is who I am ……I couldn’t have picked a better name……


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  • JenniferB
    JenniferBover 5 years ago

    A great, strong poem with a powerful message colorblind.

  • Thanks Jenny B
    truly a pleasure to see that you like
    thumbs up to you
    and much love
    sincerely colorblind

    – colorblind

  • S .
    S .over 5 years ago

    yo we need to stop harming u – n – me and be colorblind
    - blind to the skin’s eye for our community
    Protect our families like immunity
    and under all scrutiny remember we are humanly
    a woman from every skin color is a beauty queen
    no time for racism – we believe in unity

    Ill with this one man, great great work

  • thanks big bro
    you know i had to go all out with the origin of my alias – Colorblind
    and always with a crucial quick verse
    nice one
    thumbs up to ya man for peeping it out

    – colorblind

  • Oncemore
    Oncemoreover 5 years ago

    Perfectly written, and said…So true:) The Human race….All of us:)

  • thank you vanessa truly thank you for taking the time out to say so
    the human race
    all of us

    – colorblind

  • Rhenastarr
    Rhenastarrover 5 years ago

    An emotional, touching, realistic piece of writing. It is a shame that so many fail the colorblind

  • thank you for take time to read and comment my work
    the love is well appreciated
    and yes many fail the colorlbind test
    thats why they lack in knowledge
    thank you again for you to share your thoughts and words….sincerely demaries

    – colorblind

  • Spraven
    Spravenover 5 years ago

    That is f*ing awesome of you mate, I only read the discription so far, and the reason for name is really cool, I could see where it is going……Now I read, awesome work and message, a definate fav. This is outstanding, and yes all is equall and should hold heads as equall, we should all be colorblind, then there wouldn’t be a problem, however there shouldn’t have been one the first place, thanxz for sharing mate, Amazing piece!!!!

  • thank you mate
    glad you like, it is totally cool to see this in your words
    true words of yours
    and it is real good to see that you took grasped on what i was speaking on
    thumbs up mate

    – colorblind

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omarover 5 years ago

    Definitely this is a FAV….Awesome writing…on a subject that is so important!!!!!!!!!!! xxooxoxooxox

  • awwwww thanks love
    awesome of you !!!!
    i had to touch on this it was vital….smilez thank you sally

    – colorblind

  • JamieLA
    JamieLAover 5 years ago

    And some of us never gotten to page one
    Because we judge every book by its cover

    I love that part!! Awesome :)

  • lol awesome is you
    thank you for your love
    you are truly wonderful
    thank you in every aspect..sincerely daz

    – colorblind

  • Erika .
    Erika .over 5 years ago

    To grow to follow short lived footprints
    To continue like reruns
    When we people come to see that there is only one race

    The Human Race

    wow colorblind, this is so awesome. I love this poem. The message so true, and the way you wrote it: with you heart. I can tell this is something you feel strongly about, It shows through in your words. We are a human a race, one people, I will never understand why we divide ourselves. It’s so stupid. This should be read by everyone in the world. Beautiful work, my friend.

  • i’m glad you can feel the pulse in my words
    with every line i write
    i give it life
    thus creating life lines
    and i’m glad you can see the life i put out in this one
    and yes i strongly do
    feel strongly about this
    its one thing that might be the end of us
    stupid indeed
    we dividing ourselves to merely nothing
    when we should be muttiplying … know most of us bad at math so that probably why they dividing instead of multiplying
    awwwww you made me feel special….thank you my friend
    lovely comment

    – colorblind

  • Cassey
    Casseyover 5 years ago

    Excellent writing about something so important. I think people are ignorant and foolish. Too many just don’t understand, but in the end – we all are fertilizer regardless of color.

  • thank you man
    thumbs up
    and i likes that -we all are fertilizer regardless of color.
    nice comment dude

    – colorblind

  • S .
    S .over 5 years ago

  • truly respected man thumbs up to you for both of the features man
    always a plus from you big bro

    – colorblind

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