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"We're Only Human"

“We’re Only Human”
By: Demaries Isom

Humans are cannibalistic creatures
That have Godly Features
Sinful demons that drape themselves in beautiful skins
Materialistic fiending
Opposable thumbs having
Friendly backstabbing Naked Apes
Concoction of yin yang
Money is everything
“Put the money in the bag I want everything”
“Even them Naked Apes”
Smart as whip Ladies and Gents
That have enough common sense to bring about a common sense
of humanity to humanity
Thieves that not only steal life from each other
But from our mother
Earth and everything she manifests
Beautiful liars that’ll murder you with a smile
Instant messaging death to each other
No love for one another
So in tuned with their Myspace and Facebooks
That they have forgotten how outside really looks
Need to get a face lift from their computers
and gizmos and gadgets
Heartless animals that love to
Never collaborate and elaborate
On the things that make them hate
So they can finally understand yes we are different
But not to different
Peace doesn’t have to be a dream
But a reality that can extinguish the flames that the Devil has set ablaze
A burning nightmare thats slowly smoking away life
All we have to do is set aside our differences
to see we have many similarities
To bring about a change
They say we’re only human, but thats no excuse
Think about it…If we have enough power to destroy the world
Why don’t we have enough power to save the world
But yet We’re Only Human

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A poem about the species Labeled
Homo Sapiens
the Human Race
My view point and my thoughts about these ravage animals…lol
Let me know what you think even if to you it sucks….I just want the world input
And this piece like the rest is copywritten

-This piece was inspired by peering at the perverted reality of which we live in…..

(let me have your honest thoughts on this please take care and much love colorblind)


  • HeatherTS
    HeatherTSabout 6 years ago

    we are all still primal, we have the will and need to survive. we will devour anything that stands in our way, yes some have evolved into better beings, but we all still have a long ways to go. i would say so much more, but i am overly manic, so forgive me, i will comment again soon when i calm down.

  • love your comment …it had a poetic vibe to it as i was reading it
    and i’m glad you gave word of me to your friends muchly appreciated
    i can’t wait to get more word from you…..thanks BB

    – colorblind

  • Wayne Cook
    Wayne Cookabout 6 years ago

    Great critique! Sometimes the very thing we so crave is the thing that destroys us….freedom to choose. As I read it, I had to nod in agreement to just about every line.

  • Thank you Cook i’m glad you like
    and i do agree with what you said
    “The very thing we so crave is the thing that destroys us….freedom to choose.”
    nicely put
    hopefully you’ll stay watching out for more works of mines …about to look at your page

    – colorblind

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadabout 6 years ago

    The human brain got as large as it did only to deceive other humans…

  • I see you took a liking to this piece MtnMan
    by favoriting this one
    i’m glad you like man
    muchly appreciated
    continue to watch …about to preview your page…

    – colorblind

  • mtda
    mtdaabout 6 years ago

    I cannot take too seriously a work that judges others by their affinity for Facebook or Myspace when it is posted on…. the internet, although it is well written and a good read. On the whole just a bit too judgemental for me, I like to see the word “I” in written works more than the word “we” but thats just my preference and opinion, and this is well-written.

  • LoL….I’m Only Human …LoL!
    thanks for the comment
    i’m sorry if i came across to harsh
    i just want to catch people attention
    but i’m glad you took the time to comment and read my piece
    and i understand what you mean with the whole “I” and “We” thing
    as well
    i’m glad you came at me without sugar coating what you feel

    – colorblind

  • margpie
    margpieabout 6 years ago

    bloody hell! (excuse my french) all I can say is bravo my friend, the most exciting piece of prose i have ever read, I keep saying it, but, you are immensly talented, this poem just hits home, it is so tru about life, my particular fav part is "Put the money in the bag I want everything”
    “Even them Naked Apes” such a brilliant line, so do you sing too? I dont know as a rap maybe this would be excellent, you could even design your own cd covers lol sorry…i just see you going really far in life, excellent work and now i am off to read the other one i missed…PIE x

    you should think about being a professional in
    Plastering smiles on people faces because you truly do have me smiling even b4 i look at your comment
    i don’t know i been considering to go into the music field or just being a ghost writer i’m going to see though
    i’m looking for someone to do instrumentals so i can test out the collabration of my poetry with some beats
    thank you again make sure you give me some of them naked apes

    – colorblind

  • mtda
    mtdaabout 6 years ago

    Yeah I’m not one for sugar-coating, hope I didn’t across as being too harsh. Like I stated above this is captivating writing and I did enjoy reading it.

  • no i like for the truth that dwells inside to be expose
    and thanks for exposing the truth
    nicely said mtda
    and once again glad you liked it
    going to have more out so continue to stay tune

    – colorblind

  • poeticgenius
    poeticgeniusabout 6 years ago

    It was a great piece but I’d expect nothing less especially on such a great topic us what we are some would say a few were the scum of the earth but who made that scum ha ha. I really enjoyed reading it though.

  • thanks partner n crime
    you already know
    cuz we only humans …lol from louisiana…lol

    – colorblind

  • JenniferB
    JenniferBabout 6 years ago

    Great writing, some powerfully strong statements in there. We are, after all, only Apes with less body hair, but even saying that might be an insult to Apes, who, unlike so-called human beings, do not set out to destroy their own species for oil and money. Money is the root of all evil, it is a form of control to help the rich get richer and the poor remain poor.

  • nice …..
    i like i you said that
    i can tell you have a nicely working noggin
    those words are so true and well spoken
    thanks JennyB

    – colorblind

  • Rheenie
    Rheenieabout 6 years ago

    Yes it is true that we do have bad sides yet you have to remember that to that side of the coin there are those who get abused by that side of the coin that the generousity and kindness is someimes taken away-(should read my writing black) But I hate the saying that we are only human cos we have so much power and so much choice that people get into the habit of not realising what we are capable of and only realise it when they have made a istake and than use the line Im only human. But for looking on one side of the coin this is great it brings around the evil side of people

  • I like the coin analogy ….very nice comment
    and i will check out your writing was going to do so after i looked at your replied. I mostly concentrated on the bad of us humans we have good as much as we do as bad but the bad seems to just overpower the bad when you look at society now a days. but without the bad there wouldn’t be no today ….the bad and good balance out to make the world what it is ….i just felt like writing something that would catch and get alot of attention and controversy…..

    – colorblind

  • Rheenie
    Rheenieabout 6 years ago

    HAHAHA good one. But yea I know how you feel the bad seems to have over powered the good. The power have all the say and the weak have nothing its sad that society is that way

  • i want to be the voice for the weak
    the microphone
    the box to let loose
    must hear voices
    the army in one
    of the many voices
    that can’t be heard from being at the bottom
    ….lol what am i saying
    but hey one person can make a difference…..

    – colorblind

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