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Within my Head by colorblind Higher Elevation by colorblind Telekinesis Sensual and erotic … mmm mmm sexy "HIM" - PowerPuff Girls by colorblind Mojo Jo Jo by colorblind Liberty by colorblind War in One's Head by colorblind Missing The Target : Women are from Venus Series by colorblind Women are from Venus - Series by colorblind Fashion kills - 2 by colorblind Society’s Little Monster To the brink of being insane / The reason why / Your questions always start with Why? / But no one is able to comply / With a reply / And y… Fearing What you Dont Understand read it .. :) Lee Loo  by colorblind Escaping Gravity ...  by colorblind Fashion Kills  by colorblind Decomposing... by colorblind “Living Graffiti” We are the dirt poor / 24/7 on the grind more than tony hawk kind / Trailer park trash kicking it / Drug infested / Project living / … “The Birth of Anger” Anger rises / Like a fiery flood of lava / As the whispers and giggles / Screw inside the ears of the fetus / Within the belly of the beas… “Fighting The Nightmares” I fight steroid pumped nightmares / To see the beauty of my dreams Silent Poetry…. They spill invisible ink / Abstract / Surreal / Art / Scribbling graffiti / That marks the walls of my inner being / Spelling out thi… Robbed … At this present moment / Someone just taken it in / …all of it… / Unwillingly / By someone thats armed / With a deadly weapo… She is my Constant Reminder – My heartbeat I made her into my world / So it is her I breathe / It is her I live / So it is her I bleed / It is her I only see The Perfect Imperfection Of where her heart use to live / And beatbox the reality of its struggle / and its pain Lost: In-Between ~~Recycled pages and Lifelines ~~ In-between the recycled pages / In-between the lines / ….the lifelines…. / Where I lay my life down / Etched in inked / The bl… Listen to my Eyes… Remember you are beautiful / My eyes say so / Always listen to my eyes / They tell the secrets that my soul holds The Writing on the Walls of my Skull I have no regrets / I had found love again / Many aren’t able to find love / And they have lived a whole life time MetaMorphosis Living in the land of the free / But it feels like I’ve been imprisoned / Since the day I was born / A slave to poverty / I’m … Lost in the Ruins of our World Can’t think straight / And when I do / It leads straight to you / Endless figure eights / You skate / On my brain Coping with the Pain by colorblind “His Late Night Moon – Her Misunderst… For the Moon only shines from the light of Sun … / That x-rays from his lava lamp heart … My Hot-Wired Heart No split ends / Just splitting headaches / That pounds like a thousand racing hearts When Will it End Can you hear the song of the guns / They serenade so loudly / As to be playing for the sun Coming Straight from the Heart – I Just Don… I just don’t see it anymore / (snickers hahahaha) / I …. / Just / ….Don’t …..See &#… I Just Want Her… Take the heart that bleeds for them / And squeeze it dry to the last drop / To show the love you have for them is nonstop She Dreams of Cumming… She dreams of cumming / Sex is just an unpleasant rerun every night / Of a poor quality porn flick / IN & OUT / OUT & IN / IN &… Forever Can Euthanasia a War of Bullets Unable to deal with these 100 little curses / Finger on the trigger / Ready to extinguish the riot within me / With this bullet My Hidden Atlantis In the lost saliva of my sleep / In the form of pools of drool / On my satin pillow / Dwells a hidden Atlantis Chilling Stuck in this mental ice age / Where evolution is far from tomorrow / And he …. is just …. confined there ….. Chilling … Before its All Over and Done With You Shall Feel … Drag me to hell / So I can fuck the devil up / Piss in the lake of fire / And put to rest the demons that keep me up The Judge and the Jury MarkezzAckui … / all the laughter / and / chitter-chatter / stopped… / at the site of my dredlocks, / or maybe it was my loose jeans … Brave Hero of my Heart – Rest in the Fields… Untouchable / A skill fighter / Able to stand toe – to – toe / And trade blindfolded fist / With the hands of time She Lives in My Head A daydream / Mental masturbation / As a replay the images of me and her I Don’t Want to Lose This “I Don’t Want to Lose This” / August 9,2009 / I don’t want to lose this / This consist from your kiss / Those lyrical vocals that strum fro… Is This the End of Our Love Story? We have a story to complete / So let me dip my pen in your heart / To acquire the love I need to finish my half / And you take your pen … Twilight Gives Birth to Love Twilight has grown upon us / And it begins… / With me / Licking up a mouthful / Till it floods / An orgasmic tsunami This is not my Day I’m going through somethings / Or should I say / Somethings are going through me / Like accidental baseballs / Collapsing through n… ….i’m dying for you Beauty / Overdoses again / Like Marilyn / And runs through the webs of her veins like heroine Me and Her We lie in a web of love / Two flies that twitch / In this finely assembled stitch of love Her Kiss Dreamy / Steamy / Velvet skies / Magic / Jolly rancher land mines / A tasty 4th of July eruption Moving on from your Yesterdays The kids that were just at play / Lay in blood from orgasmic spray / Done by the fore play / Of hoods finger fucking guns "America" by colorblind
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