Recent Love

The Perfect Imperfection

Of where her heart use to live / And beatbox the reality of its struggle / and its pain

Listen to my Eyes…

Remember you are beautiful / My eyes say so / Always listen to my eyes / They tell the secrets that my soul holds

The Writing on the Walls of my Skull

I have no regrets / I had found love again / Many aren’t able to find love / And they have lived a whole life time

Lost in the Ruins of our World

Can’t think straight / And when I do / It leads straight to you / Endless figure eights / You skate / On my brain

“His Late Night Moon – Her Misunderst…

For the Moon only shines from the light of Sun … / That x-rays from his lava lamp heart …

My Hot-Wired Heart

No split ends / Just splitting headaches / That pounds like a thousand racing hearts

Coming Straight from the Heart – I Just Don…

I just don’t see it anymore / (snickers hahahaha) / I …. / Just / ….Don’t …..See &#…

I Just Want Her…

Take the heart that bleeds for them / And squeeze it dry to the last drop / To show the love you have for them is nonstop

Forever Can Euthanasia a War of Bullets

Unable to deal with these 100 little curses / Finger on the trigger / Ready to extinguish the riot within me / With this bullet

Brave Hero of my Heart – Rest in the Fields…

Untouchable / A skill fighter / Able to stand toe – to – toe / And trade blindfolded fist / With the hands of time

She Lives in My Head

A daydream / Mental masturbation / As a replay the images of me and her

I Don’t Want to Lose This

“I Don’t Want to Lose This” / August 9,2009 / I don’t want to lose this / This consist from your kiss / Those lyrical vocals that strum fro…

Is This the End of Our Love Story?

We have a story to complete / So let me dip my pen in your heart / To acquire the love I need to finish my half / And you take your pen …

Twilight Gives Birth to Love

Twilight has grown upon us / And it begins… / With me / Licking up a mouthful / Till it floods / An orgasmic tsunami

….i’m dying for you

Beauty / Overdoses again / Like Marilyn / And runs through the webs of her veins like heroine

Me and Her

We lie in a web of love / Two flies that twitch / In this finely assembled stitch of love

Her Kiss

Dreamy / Steamy / Velvet skies / Magic / Jolly rancher land mines / A tasty 4th of July eruption

I Can’t Wait To Say I Love You

I can’t wait to say I love you / Because right now I have an armada / Of butterflies attacking from within / And I feel them feasting…

She say, He say….

She’s picture perfect / The star that completes my constellation / That is a lovely connect the dots image of my own heaven

Should I Ask for my Heart Back

Just put your hand over your chest / Thats no heart beat thats me / Bump,Bump / Bump,Bump / Bump,Bump / Translated means simply, I love y…

“After Each Storm Lies a Rainbow”

Its late and I just hung up with you / I have yet again let my anger get the best of me / And my words have again tainted you / And paint…

The Twinkle in Your Eye

We are the forgotten children / The aborted ones / Born dead / Wasn’t given a chance / A choice / A voice

“Neglected Love”

You are my heart / Therefore a minute without you, kills me

“She Unearths Me”

“She Unearths Me” / She is someone that has done more than touch me … / She has dove into my soul / and caused a ripple effect / Tha…

“Missing You…”

so now I’m missing me … / which is you / which is we / and can’t live because I’m not free / I’m a slave sha…

“Kissing – The FuSioN of SOULS”

kissing you passionately / while clutching tightly your derriere / run my fingers through your hair / let them jog there / and exercise t…

“Fantasies of Death”

…She can’t be bad… / …shid… / I done see a lot of niggas…. / and even chicks for victim to Death / And …

“The Becoming of One”

Quicker than the eye can undress her / She portrays to me a picture / That not even Leonardo Da Vinci himself / Could portray better

“Just A Mere Dream”

“Shes whats happening like the present / something to behold and wait for like the future / and to never let go of like the past̶…
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