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Another Video - "Chilling"

Alright since alot of you like the video for “Coming Straight from the Heart”
I did a piece for “Chilling”
I was wondering what piece I should do next and out of no wheres a good friend b-mailed me and she suggested that Chilling would probably make a nice video and to hear it spoken
So I have posted it on my poem and you all are able to hear, view, comment, critique, have your say so, fav, spread the word, lol whatever …LOL
Just as long as you let me honestly know if I need to switch something up or it is okay as is

- oh yea i added a little music for the background….

So here it is


  • wingsoffire
    wingsoffirealmost 5 years ago

    Nothing wrong with switching things up my talented, sweet friend, and the music in the backgroud gives a chilling effect to the words as you read. Awesome work Daz, but, then again I expected nothing less from you! You are the BOMB!!!!!!!!

  • ….awwww thanks …..yea i might switch it up from time to time
    no music
    thanks you phoenix of blissful flames that hug my heart…..smilez

    – colorblind

  • S .
    S .almost 5 years ago

    nice nice !!! great work dude
    another dope work

    chillin…. just chillin

  • lol dude you knos ….lol
    my big bro yalll!!!! lol
    tha man with the plan

    – colorblind

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindalmost 5 years ago

    so loving it. and yes I forgot to mention I too love the music in the background. it adds just the perfect touch to the words. excellent work. hugs, shar xoxoxo

  • thanks autumn truly from the bottom of this dude’s heart……much love to you….and thanks for everything….much needed

    – colorblind

  • Trenchtownrock
    Trenchtownrockalmost 5 years ago

    Dropping hits again…keep up the great work brother.

  • na i ain’t dropping hits till i get on the level as my family on the bubble like such family members lik you and the rest of the crew… long as yall keep it up ….i’ll keep it up

    – colorblind

  • Trenchtownrock
    Trenchtownrockalmost 5 years ago

    I think you are more than on your way have all the love.

  • RaOrEmraeh
    RaOrEmraehalmost 5 years ago

    I’m so happy you took my advice about the lip gloss. LOL. (So kidding!)…Fucking brilliant man. The poem is so sick (good) to begin with, but then the video add a whole other dimension. You are a true artist in every sense of the word.

  • lol you so kill me lol….thanks though …….truly cool of you to hit me up again…lol

    – colorblind

  • princessleah
    princessleahalmost 5 years ago

    LOL…….I just watched the video……..a little advise, like what Cassidy said, but my advise is…next time….red lips will work just fine. no I’m kidding of course, great work my friend!! as the girls from Sex in the City would say FABULOUS!!!