You are now able to HEAR my words!!!

Alright thanks to my Big Bro Shoaib
I was able to find out how to link videos to my work
And that was provided by Earthmonster
here is his link to do that so if you would like to post videos to your work Video Links

But here is the video to my work
“Coming Straight from the Heart – I Just Don’t See It”

- If you would like to read the words while listening to the piece I’ve also posted the video to the actual poem itself
Coming Straight from the Heart

If you have a yahoo account make sure to add me as a friend if you like my video or my poetry because most of my poems i will recite and record and upload. So be sure to leave comments of what you truly think so I can improve and deliver my poems with more impact…..and spread the word lol….sincerely Colorblind ….

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