A Cry For HELP......

Well Family ….i thought everyday was okiee dokiee you know with recieveing the
22,000 scholarship to MCA
and i thought i could make some money at the JazzFest but things fell threw and i wasn’t able to attend

And i still haven’t recieved a call notifying me of my position with this job

so now i’m trying to find a way i can sell all my art
if there is any advice
any suggestion of places i can talk to bout have my art displayed and sold
anything at all because
when i attend MCA
i won’t be on campus because of my 2 dogs because i have to take them with me
so i’m going have to pay rent to stay somewheres out there and support myself
so i really need to rack up on money to have myself prepared till i find a job out there to support myself
well much love family take care ……

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