"REDBUBBLE" - What New with you All?

Alright I’ve been missing in action M.I.A
So now its lights camera ACTION!!!
Post a link to a piece or 2 that you want me to see and I’ll be sure to hit it up or try…smilez

And for all that view and past on this…DO ON TO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE DONE ON TO YOU

When Will it End

Thats my latest piece that I’ve added ….check it out smilez….ps- it has a video that i added to it….smilez thumbs up

Another Video - This time ITS different....-smilez

Alright as most know I’ve started doing videos to most of my peotry….So with this one I did a video but this time different….and for thos who like a nice vibe of music behind their poetry….THIS PIECE IS FOR YOU ….-SMILEZ
Ummmm all I can say is enjoy …..and if you don’t let me know what I can do to add the right flavoring …..sincerely yours Daz aka Colorblind


Another Video - "Chilling"

Alright since alot of you like the video for “Coming Straight from the Heart”
I did a piece for “Chilling”
I was wondering what piece I should do next and out of no wheres a good friend b-mailed me and she suggested that Chilling would probably make a nice video and to hear it spoken
So I have posted it on my poem and you all are able to hear, view, comment, critique, have your say so, fav, spread the word, lol whatever …LOL
Just as long as you let me honestly know if I need to switch something up or it is okay as is

- oh yea i added a little music for the background….

So here it is

You are now able to HEAR my words!!!

Alright thanks to my Big Bro Shoaib
I was able to find out how to link videos to my work
And that was provided by Earthmonster
here is his link to do that so if you would like to post videos to your work Video Links

But here is the video to my work
“Coming Straight from the Heart – I Just Don’t See It”


- If you would like to read the words while listening to the piece I’ve also posted the video to the actual poem itself
Coming Straight from the Heart

If you have a yahoo account make sure to add me as a friend if you like my video or my poetry because most of my poems i will recite and record and upload. So be sure to leave comments of what you truly think so I can improve and deliver my poems with more impact…..and spread the word lol….sincerely Colorblind ….

Is Age Really Just a Number ?

Alright a friend of mines is 20 and his girlfriend is 16….do you think that is a strange picture …he met her when he was 19. She will be 17 soon if that helps. Do you think he is completely in the wrong….do you think its love….do you think it really matters…?

I myself don’t see it wrong at all because its been a while since I’ve seen him this happy and he isn’t doing nothing but treated her like a queen.

But I want to have your insight and perspective on this ….Because I was having a conversation with a friend of mines at work and he despised the idea of his friend messing with this younger chick ….but i could see why …she’s only 15 and the guy like 21 …..well family leave me your thoughts..daz

"What Good in your Life right now?"

Its been a moment since I have actually could stay stable here on the bubble
But now I can
And I want to know what is good with everyone.
Just pass on thru and let me know …i’m curious to know how everyone been living
get at me so i can get at you
And oh yea new art and poetry ….and plenty more poetry that i can’t wait to put up but won’t until you all peeped at the work I have already posted up…smilez xoxoxoxo


One more day to VOTE !!!!
so go ahead VOTE ….LOL
The challenge Identity with one’s Affinity

Is drawing to a close and perez & i would love to thank those who contributed.

Also the written part only had to contributers

Happyfeet5 poem The Tigress


Erika15 poem The Werewolf

I thank the 2 of you for submitting such beautiful pieces
I would love for you all to read both and bmail me or Perez with your favorite of the piece.

Well enough said
GO OUT AND VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!

What turns you on....

I’m bored waiting for my girl to come pick me up
so i wanted to spend the time doing something fun lol.
So question goes out to my redbubble family what activates your buttons?

I guess i’ll go first
I love my girl yellow complexation its a major turn on….and how she performs these fanciful kisses that is like tinkerbells pixie dust…..they just give me wings….how she touches my hot spots…..i plan on not going into further details ….lol

But share if you dare
What turns you on

Lifeline 1st Challenge

Aight first challenge is setup

Identity with one’s Affinity

Peep it out and let that animal within you be release
whether its a

-or even it being a Cockaroach…..smilez

let it out
uncaged the beast that lurks in the depths of you…..

A winner will be chosen for both


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