I have taken photos all my life. Growing up on a family dairy farm in New Hampshire I was surround by green fields, forests, lakes, rivers and a huge variety of animals.
I have lived in breathtaking Colorado for over 20 years now, Everyday is a new amazing scene.
My photography is varied and deeply personal. I may not always have the “perfect” picture in technical terms… BUT what you see is how I see it and how and what my emotions are in that moment. My photography is how my eyes see it pure and simply put. I hope you enjoy.
I love and respect animals and have worked in the animal health and welfare field all my life.
I currently am with Morris Animal Foundation. We fund humane research to protect, cure, and treat animals.
Any proceeds I get from Redbubble go to the foundation.

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Holidays on Red Gate Farm

Everytime the Holidays roll back around, and they roll around faster ever year it seems, the days seem to slow up for just a second. Like its a time to think. A time to remember. / I grew up on a family farm. As tradition would have it the Stevens side of the family gathered at my Grandparent’s colonial home, next door to our house. It seemed like a hundred of the relatives crowded into the…
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