My name is Nick Johnson and I am from Central Idaho. My main artistic focus is with landscape photography. I hope all of you enjoy my work, and thank you for taking a look.

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Thank you very Much

Would like to thank the kind individual who purchaced a laminated print of House on Fire. Thank you Very Much!! / -Nick Johnson
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Another Sale. Thank you!

I would like to thank the individual for purchacing a poster of Bryce Canyon. / I really appreciate the support! / Nick
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Oops! More sales then I thought!

Its me again. / I sold 2 posters in late july and would like to say thanks.. A REALLY late thanks. It gets to me when I overlook things like this. Dont be mad at me! Please! / Fallen Roof Ruin / House on Fire
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I would like to thank whom out there that purchaced a poster of “Bryce Canyon” / I really appreciate this and big thanks goes out to you.
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