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Colin Tobin

Colin Tobin

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

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The funniest thing I've seen all week!

Give me back YOUR images or I’ll sue!

(This didn’t happen to me BTW. Just saw this posted online and thought it was hilarious)


  • Colin Tobin
    Colin Tobinover 6 years ago

    I really want to know what the reply to this message was. heh.

  • Marion Chapman
    Marion Chapmanover 6 years ago

    oh, it would be too good to get the background story to this.
    unbelievable! The thief is threatening the sue the artist he stole from!!

  • Cindy RN
    Cindy RNover 6 years ago

    Oh Colin… that is very funny.

    I do hope that this person did put his images back up right away, it sounds as if the honest buisness man is desperate, not to mention quite upset! joking

    Good find!

  • eXposure
    eXposureover 6 years ago

    oh my goodness , is this for real!
    to funny

  • Artway
    Artwayover 6 years ago

    thats hilarious! I so wanna know more!

  • Daphne Johnson
    Daphne Johnsonover 6 years ago

    I would love to know the reply to this as well. And maybe smack the person who sent it.

  • Amandalynn Jones
    Amandalynn Jonesover 6 years ago

    Hahahaha! Fabulous. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was totally real, I’ve known people to have hot linkers get upset when they moved their stuff.

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omarover 6 years ago

    Very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • midzing
    midzingover 6 years ago

    Colin this is so funny, would love to know what planet this guy lives on!! great find,,and if you find the reply,,, please post it!!

  • Here is a fake reply that someone posted in the comment section under this pic on digg that made me chuckle:

    Dear Honest Business Man,
    I was thrilled to learn that your illegal usage of my images was a valuable foundational asset for your business. Having hosted my own copy-written image content on my own web site, I can completely understand your concerns and frustrations in developing a thriving and successful web-based enterprise.

    In helpfully alerting me to your long-standing thieving ways, along with your assertion that my work has helped you to build your own business, you have renewed my hopes that I might possibly realize viable economic returns in compensation for my efforts, and build my own successful business from my work as well.

    Let’s see…. I have the copy-written image content. I have the website that hosts the content….. I guess the only thing I am missing is for thieving nincomtards like yourself to pay me adequately and fairly for the use of my content. Do you have any good ideas on how I can make this happen?

    Perhaps you should consult your lawyer, as you suggested. I am sure he or she might have some great ideas on how to compensate me. In fact, I think I’m going to speak to my lawyer as well. Thanks for the great tip.


    - – - – -

    P.S. Here’s your sign.

    – Colin Tobin

  • Trevor Patterson
    Trevor Pattersonover 6 years ago

    The scary thing is Colin, that although this may be a spoof (or not) I have an awful feeling that we are all sharing our precious oxygen with people just like that, who actually think they are in the right! I’ve even come across a few of these characters who have actually had the bald face cheek to say something like “Oh that’s okay, if you just give me the images on a CD or something, I can print them on my own computer!”…etc, etc.

    How the hell any of us make any money from this business with people like that around, beats me!