The Wheel is turning

Hey Everybody,

this is my first journal entry and I am really getting excited about Red Bubble. I moved from another big art page (I guess you know who) to this pleace since Red Bubble seems to me a lot more professional as the artpage with a devious mascot :P

However, this is the first time I offer some of my work to purchase and I am excited how easy it is to get things started on this page, hot damn :)

The only thing what was a little weird to me, was:

Do you see the artwork Citizen Apathy? I offer it also as print, only problem was I had to crop it serval times till red bubble accepted it that I can sell it. Did I do something wrong or is this the issue with horizental graphics? :P

However, I hope you find something in my gallery what may catch your interest and then you maybe understand why there is the world in the center of the cog wheel logo of C.O.G. Graphix ;)

I also found so many nice artist you commented my stuff and watch me, that’s such an awesome start and I hope it will decrease and I finally get started with my artworks.

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