I’m a painter – landscape, old buildings, historic churches, in fact anything to do with our heritage and the land…

I like to work outdoors – en plein air – when I can. Using inks and oil pastels I work quickly trying to capture a ‘sense’ of the location. Back at the studio I like to work on a larger scale with acrylics on stretched canvas. Acrylics allow me to experiment with marks and textures whilst the quick drying time means I can work over the top of previous layers on the same day, if required. I like to work Alla Prima (wet into wet) and produce each piece in one attempt, if possible. However I will go back to add highlights or rework sections if necessary, but I certainly don’t spend hours and hours on each painting!

I am honoured to have had my work featured on many RedBubble groups, and I’m also very honoured that my paintings now hang in private collections throughout the world.

I am also very happy to assist appropriate charitable groups where I can – my paintings have helped raise funds for a number of groups in the UK, in their bid to save historic buildings or landscape for the benefit of the nation.

If you wish you can find out more about me on my website

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May 2011 Juried Invitational Exhibition

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

  • Age: 52
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My work has been nominated for Sojie 16 - Landscape and Light

MY WORK HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR SoJie 16! / / ‘Tree Landscape’ / by Martin Williamson /   /   /    Join me at Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition… /   / I am very excited to have my art selected to exhibit in SoJie 16. SoJie 16 takes its name from the first letters of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is the 16th such …
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MY WORK HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR SoJie 11! / ‘Safe Moorings’ – 745 views/16 favs to date! / by Martin Williamson / Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition / I am very excited to have my art selected, from over 67000 works of art, to exhibit in SoJie 11. SoJie 11 takes its name from the Solo Exhibition group’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 11th …
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I am delighted to say that my painting ‘Penllech’ has made it to the Redbubble homepage! / I am thrilled to bits! / Thank you / Martin
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Video Slideshow 'A Celebration Of Churches'

I have created a short video slideshow entitled ‘A Celebration Of Churches’. It features a selection of my mixed media paintings of historic churches, set to music by John Rutter. / I do hope you enjoy it! / Best wishes / Martin / Video here
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