Sometimes I try to be creative. Most of the time, I’m just looking at everybody else’s.

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"Exposing Massed Produced Social Interaction as Meta-Narrative" Featured in the group "Breaking the Boundaries"!

I want to thank the group Breaking the Boundaries and especially the moderators virgosun and shadowlea for this great honor! / I’m really intrigued by the conversation we must have as the most recent dominant species on earth what it means for us to so easily jettison thousands of years of socialization for a mechanical way of life…that may be the forerunner to a human/mechanical hybr…
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"RUSTO-3" Featured in the group: Mobile Phone Capture for a Mobile Life!!!!!!

I want to extend my sentiments of joy and thanks to Mike Short for moderating the group, and for accepting and featuring RUSTO-3! / I am honored to be able to share this particular image with Red Bubble as it is certainly one of my best shots and am thankful I had a chance to shoot it under such immaculate conditions! / Congratulations to the various other people who have featured work up right n…
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The Mark of "The Chris" featured in Character Develpment!!!!

I was extremely flattered that after barely discovering this incredible and inspirational group, that the very first piece I offered for inclusion to the group Character Development was NOT ONLY accepted, but FEATURED as well! I am so enthused because of the especially interesting variety of work that helps compose the group. / I am very thankful to rawbun and Incognita for accepting and featurin…
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The Mark of "The Chris" featured in CORE [C.O.R.E.]!!!!!!

I was elated to discover my that my effort to see myself, strengths, weaknesses depicted in the personification of the biblical archetype of evil himself was featured in the group C.O.R.E. This was a very intense personal experience making this image come “alive”, and I’m so thankful for the warm welcome it received! Congratulations to the other members who were featured as well…
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