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Trying to Paint! Argghhh

I used to paint, in fact I used to enjoy painting!

While I still feel like I want to paint, it seems that as I paint, I look at the painting and realise that it’s really crap! hehe

Because of this, I have been painting on the same canvas for some weeks now and each time I wait for the paint to dry then paint it white so that I can begin again!

This process is very frustrating, but I’m really truly hoping that I will find something in this head of mine that ends up on the canvas and looks good!


  • robert murray
    robert murrayalmost 7 years ago

    paint what you feel Charlotte not what you see and just go for it thats what I do when I have a block and I have lots of blocks as I get older but I always seem to come up with something as you will but remember to relax and let the paint flow

  • Charlotte Morison
    Charlotte Morisonalmost 7 years ago

    Thanks Robert! I’ll try that!

    I am going to go to the art shop tomorrow and pick up some new colours, I thought that might give me a little inspiration too!

  • robert murray
    robert murrayalmost 7 years ago

    best of luck and I will be waiting to see what you come up with

  • tambatoys
    tambatoysalmost 7 years ago

    I totally know what you mean. It is one of the things that makes people give up, I say paint ,draw, take photos whatever and feel free to make crap art but the secret is to keep going, to get through that. Nearly everything great comes out of practice!
    Keep it up and do not let frustration win:)

  • Charlotte Morison
    Charlotte Morisonalmost 7 years ago

    Thanks Tambatoys! Hopefully I will have something great to show soon.

  • Ozcloggie
    Ozcloggiealmost 7 years ago

    Attending the class, at Hazelhurst, I find such a good motivation, Charlotte. To avoid doing what the class (Well a few of the newer ones.) are doing I NEED a new subject every few weeks. I NEED to get something ready by Tuesday mornings, to paint there, in the afternoon and that’s been working now for 1.5 years.
    For quite some time now, I’ve taken a painting to work on but often another, not quite finished yet, to get comments / advice on.
    Having theme suggestd to me, after I painted REmi, from the Sans Famille book, helped too.
    Thanks for your comment on my 2EA – letting off steam – story!