My start in photography started in high school; as an elective I chose black and white photography. This class was the start of my new hobby; turned into a passion.

I then left to study at Penn State and took photos as a way to relax and express myself. Spring break, wkends and snow storms were when I took the opportunity to photograph the world around me.

During my last year at PSU I decided to study abroad in Europe. This was one of the best choices I made in my life. Being on my own in Europe allowed me to think freely and become even more independent than ever before. I realized that taking photos was something that made me happy and I wanted to do something with it.

I’ve started a web site and I’ve had a few shows since I’ve been back. I hope I can make this more permanent, but we’ll see.

If you buy something, I would like to say THANKS! I’m glad you are enjoying my experiences and passion. Feel free to contact me at

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone leaving me so many comments and suggestions. Good and bad criticism is good. I appreciate everyone who has given me ideas and shared their work with me. / I’m liking this site as a form of communication and feedback among fellow creatives; thanks! / LOS / *feel free to check out my persona site:
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