The indelible, inaudible, invisible, unintentional, inevitably infectous enviroment that I live in provides for both riches and ruin, ritz and rubble. And I? I just try not to blink too often.

I’m 21 living in central Auckland City, New Zealand. I love literature, music and cinema. I love physical and mental excursions. With so much time on my hands I think it’s time I sat down and actually wrote consistently, plus I intend to use this space to showcase some of my mothers artwork that shes recently begun to create. Any feedback is completely welcome and sought.

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Ahhh I didn’t make it into the poetry comp finals, I think I auditioned with the wrong poem, I played it safe and auditioned with Little Man, but I think I should have done S & M, oh well, next year I’ll assault their ear drums with language that could skin a concrete donkey.
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Home again

Well I’m back home in auckland. A nice holiday in Wellington was just what I needed. See the sights, see the sounds. Spend sometime with my lover, smile, laugh. Back home again now and there is much to be done. I’ve entered myself in the Auckland Writers Festival Poetry Competition, so wish me luck! I’m finding it very hard to choose three poems to read out loud, I’m not s…
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A walk in the Domain

Muscle, tendon, joint and bone move swiftly underneath a blinking sun. Trees move in and out of view. Green imposed over sky blue. Slow music mutters into my left ear, my right concertinas the relative quite into needle points of sound. A stroller meanders past the old wooden bench near where I hunch over this notebook. Golden blinding light obscured by its many children. Its warmth dim, tendrils…
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