re the new look RB

confusing, messy and a “how to guide” on where everything is etc would have been useful and it is trying to be way too clever.. but my current profile image in the circle.. lol looks like an image from down James Bond’s gun in the opening credits


  • hickerson
    hickersonabout 2 years ago

    Thank goodnes some one else feels the same way…I thought it was ‘just my age’ lol

  • LOL just got a bit closer to the big 50 this week, but it does look like it was designed by a one minute Youtube channel flicker :)

    – clickinhistory

  • Marilyn Cornwell
    Marilyn Cornwellabout 2 years ago

    I think of you as more square than that.

  • well Marilyn, at least for once, I can say I look like a well rounded individual lol :)

    – clickinhistory

  • naturelover
    natureloverabout 2 years ago

    You are lucky, they have chopped the top of most of our heads off lol!
    But I agree, too much too quickly, and not in the interest of the members who use this site, too muddled for buyers to follow, so who is it for,?
    Why this Shiny Independant image, what is wrong with Originality, Flair,Stylish, in fact 100 adjectives they could have used, instead of this plasticy feel!
    Maybe it is aimed at the younger members, who knows?

  • think most of the recent sales have been phone covers and tees for RB, so they are trying to maximize that sales stream from the look of the site. But at least they got most of you in the circle lol

    – clickinhistory

  • Marilyn Cornwell
    Marilyn Cornwellabout 2 years ago

    If it’s James Bond’s gun the sights are aimed right at your mouth…or maybe on the chin.

    I bet you thought of that already.

  • well seeing the photo was styled and shot by the group of ladies I was shooting for, it did have that James Bond feel already lol,

    – clickinhistory

  • anne reeskamp
    anne reeskampabout 2 years ago

    My goodness, RB has been made into a cheap looking, artist-unfriendly, extremely commercial site ! The colours of my works are less bright. The font that is used now on one’s ‘collections’ is too big, too arty-farty. Where to find an overview of the incoming comment’s about one’s work ? And about other artists’ works ? Where to find whatever else… How is it possible that RB’s creative ‘staff ’ is killing it’s own project ? Artists and potential buyers will be put off by the present site ! What a waste !

  • It does smack a touch of “look what us techies can do”, rather than what is the best presentation for the artists work

    – clickinhistory

  • Maxoperandi
    Maxoperandiabout 2 years ago

    007and a half young Baldrick! …Man with the Golden Bum

  • you been talking to my 5’10 personal Northern Viking lol?

    – clickinhistory

  • Marilyn Cornwell
    Marilyn Cornwellabout 2 years ago

    Would that be: Sod off, Baldrick, from redbubble, rather than James Bond. Do you have a love of turnips?

  • great mixed with swede and spuds and creamed with full cream and butter :)

    – clickinhistory

  • dennis william gaylor
    dennis william...about 2 years ago

    You know the bigger changes in back room formatting aren’t too bad, but the Look & Feel how do say? Sucks!

    Nothing like swapping stuff around simply to change it, the new Serif Upper/Lower case Title font looks like something a Kindergarden teacher would use for the students ADD attention spans, it so clashes with the rest of the sans serif template.

    We are supposed to use our RB portfolios to show to prospective Clients, Employeers? "Er, exuse the layout, please just look at my work … ignore the tacky website it’s sitting on, they, ah, made big changes … "

    Don’t start me up on that porthole … as a photographer and an artist, I actually thought about the crop of my avatar. But who cares right? Lets just crop another 33-40% of your image, because surely that can’t change a thing, right?

    And why anyway? Our avatars are square crop everywhere else on the website, except for the most important one the one people see first?! What goes on in the mind of a first time viewer? Only confusion I am sure.

    AVATAR CROP CIRCLE is what I am calling it. It’s alien and probably involves some kind of probing, I know my photo has been probed with it.

    Any group moderator must be fuming. It used to be as a member of such, you knew which challenges you were in, when they were going to end, and if you had any votes. All nice info at a glance. But when they moved the column from the right to left of the page, [super useful new change] it seems all those things just fell away, again the irony of of a Right-brain, Left-brain way of thinking? Bubble-brain is more like it. I can see that participating in the groups for me is going to drop right off. I won’t remember which ones I was in or even what’s going on?

    What were they thinking? The next flock of sheep that baaaa’s out Change is Good, let them all march to the abattoir screaming their lungs out with that mindless agiprop slogan.

  • I agree Dennis, some changes make sense, but the over all feel is messy and it does seem the quality of the images themselves have suffered. A warning on the avatar change so people could have prepared might have been welcomed.

    – clickinhistory

  • Bluesrose
    Bluesroseabout 2 years ago

    not rb but total blsht

  • lol subtle as always Maris :)

    – clickinhistory

  • Tom Broderick IPA
    Tom Broderick IPAabout 2 years ago

    Confusing is not the word. To hard to navigate or get feed backs from others. Dont care for this change. And your correct about the profile pic I hate it.

  • Does seem not to flow as you say and having to return to your main page each time is a pain, thanks Tom

    – clickinhistory