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You click on the photograph and look.
You make choices based on a thousand experiences.
Then you decide to look deeper or walk away.
Do you turn right, left or turn around?

The picture still sits there,
Yet you are now part of its history and it yours.
That is all photography is,
A click in history.

Each picture is a moment of our history.

I take photographs of moments.
Each moment is special,
Each shot has a personal history to it.
I hope you enjoy the journey of a photographer’s history.

Colour is about shooting what is there, black and white is about seeing what is there with the eye of your soul.

Mission statement: Converting people to black and white photography one by one.. billions of people to go, more of a life time project than a hobby ;)





Urban moments

Live music shots

The human landscape

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Finding inspiration

Inspiration can come from many places, from the way light falls, events happening before our eyes and ear, looking at others works in many fields. / Came across James Ravilious work recently and fell in love with his ability to work the light and capture fleeting moments of a world slowly disappearing in the UK. / [Video] / Hope you enjoy his work too, just off to start checking the sofa to try a…
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Finally, a book

Finally took the plunge and joined the ranks of the Blurb and the paper version and the link to the digital version can be found here / Enjoy and think it could be the first of a few, now I have worked out how to do it lol
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re the new look RB

confusing, messy and a “how to guide” on where everything is etc would have been useful and it is trying to be way too clever.. but my current profile image in the circle.. lol looks like an image from down James Bond’s gun in the opening credits
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Wonderful image and competition winner

After months and years despairing at the quality of winners and more so the judging panels and “filter judges”, finally a competition that has class stamped all over it! / Well done to the winner of the Autism Photographic Competition and the judges.
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