FINALLY! 50 Random Things About Me

1) I have many personalities (not like Sybil….tho some may disagree!)…these personalities often conflict making me very confused and anxious.

2) My favorite quote is, ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world.’ Mahatma Gandhi I just wish I could be mindful of that 24/7.

3)I love to give….and make people smile.

4)I hate small talk..especially on the phone.

5)I miss my dad who died when I was 16. I’m feeling him around more since I’ve become more interested in photography. He was a photographer and was very talented, but he never made a full time business of it. I would love to live that dream for him.

6)I desperately miss my stepfather, Jack, who died a few years ago. He was the nicest, funniest man I’ve ever met…a wonderful husband and father….life of all the parties. Family gatherings will never be the same without him. ={{{

7)I am a college dropout and still feel guilty for wasting money as well as a spot that a more deserving student could have had. My life took a downward spiral from there on.

8) After college I began dating a guy who was VERY abusive both physically and mentally. I kept telling myself that I could make him want to be a better man. WHY DO WE DO THAT????!!!!!

9)I’ve been married twice and am not actually divorced from the second marriage although I havent talked to my husband in about 3 years. I am now living in sin with an old high school flame.

10)I LOVE to be alone.

11)I love reality/trash t.v…….gimme ‘Tool Academy’, ‘Rock of Love’, ‘Wife Swap’…etc

12)I grew up wanting to marry a cowboy. I never got one.

13)I always dreamed of having a house in the mountains and/or a ranch. Never got that either…..yet

14)I am learning tai chi and it’s a lot harder than it looks.

15)Photography is my passion…I am euphoric when I am outside taking photos.

16)I love the group Nickelback and refer to Chad Kroeger as my ‘future love slave’. The people I work with also refer to him as my future love slave.

17)I think Robert Downey Jr is brilliant and am ecstatic that he has turned his life around. I have an addictive personality and feel for those who suffer life altering addiction.

18)I wanted to be a singer/dancer when I grew up and still sing into my hairbrush occasionally.

19)I tend to be the ‘clown’ wherever I work.

20)I love to read, especially on a rainy/snowy day with a nice cuppa coffee.

21)If I could meet anyone in the world it would be the Dalai Lama.

22) I haven’t eaten meat in about 5 years.

23) I HATE LIARS!!!!!!

24)Even more so….I despise those who abuse animals……don’t even get me started on this.

25)I lived in Florida for about 14 years. I spent most of that time partying, being miserable and missing my family.

26)When I finally moved back to East Hampton I realized how much I love my home and my family.

27)I love to travel.

28)I have always wanted to travel across country and still hope to. (My first husband and I were going to do that for our honeymoon…but ended up in PA…amish country….far cry from a cross country trip)

29)I also want very much to visit Ireland and would LOVE to take my mom there. She always wanted to go there with my stepdad whose family came from County Cork.

30)I hate my body….but love my soul.

31)I have a younger sister and love her more than life itself.

32)If someone were to commit a heinous crime against either my mom or sis…I would hunt that person down and make them wish they were dead. ( are ya seeing the multiple personalities yet?)

33)I don’t have children….but I did lose one.

34)I’m 50 years old…but most people think I’m in my thirties……being a clown helps=}

35)I adore my cat Harry and cannot imagine life without him.

36)The thing I fear most is losing my loved ones. I believe we go home to a better place when we die…..but I selfishly want my loved ones to be with me always.

37)I love trying different beers.

38)The girls in my family are my best friends.

39)I love staying in hotels……but I still clean up after myself.

40)My favorite movie is ‘Heart and Souls’ with Robert Downey Jr. EVERYONE should see this movie!

41)If potatoes and cheese were to disappear from the face of the earth….I would lose my will to live!

42)No matter what mood I’m in, my boyfriend treats me right and still thinks he’s the luckiest man alive.

43)I love my Redbubble family and am so proud of all you kind, loving, giving people.

44)I was born in New Jersey and have moved over 30 times in my life. I’ve never really known what it’s like to feel ‘home’.

45)I love to smoke and drink and usually regret it the next day.

46)I’m afraid I’ll never get to retire.

47)I hate when people leave on and answer their cellphones in restaurants.

48)When I look back on how I’ve abused my body and soul I am sometimes amazed that I’m alive and well today.

49)I work as a pharmacy tech at a hospital and probably like this job more than any other I’ve had.

50)Doing this has opened my eyes to alot about me that I hadn’t really realized!

Hope I kept this short enough…….I also have a fear of boring people to death!

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