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Annya Kai was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, where she attended State Academic Art Institute V.I. Surikov. After completing her degree in classical art, Annya immigrated to the United States. She now lives and works as a professional painter in sunny Berkeley, California.

Uniquely handmade, her creations are full of imaginative landscapes and whimsical creatures, woven together by vibrant color and fluid lines. Ms. Kai’s paintings can be found worldwide — both commissioned commercially and sold to private collections — including Heaven & Earth Designs, Bradford Checks, Goldman Sachs (New York) and Zoos Victoria (Australia).

“These paintings express my obsessive love for color, fantasy, and precision. I’m still very much a classical painter, so little of the creative process takes place on a computer. Instead, my studio is filled with materials which I can deconstruct in order to extract their maximum color potential. Markers are taken apart and used at high concentrations as water-based paint. Minerals are ground up for pigments. Watercolors are imported from around the globe and intertwined with virtually anything (oil pastels, gouache, coffee, ink) to create artwork that is naturally saturated and colorfully complex. A few things that inspire me are animals, dark variations of fairy tales and fashion — all of which you can see reflected in my work.

More than anything else, I love making bright, beautiful things that other people will enjoy!"

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