Touch the sky

feeling Whips and chains and ropes
hearing Deeper which you spoke
feeling deeper which I gave
Ima go deeper just be brave
ooh you twisting, O behave!
Clutched in sin, o jesus save
as my tongue slides past your nave—
el, U is my girl without no label
Ima give you pleasure from every angle
You are a beast and Im here to tame you
I try to stop your leak… but I couldnt contain you
So I just entertain you
As me and you enter tangle
like its the tango with no pants on
like its a dance off cept we sideways
And we inside each other bodies
And I wont stop here at the lobby
Im here to take you high
To the 21st floor and then from there you touch the sky
touch the sky
touch the sky
And then from there we say goodbye
But tommorrow ima make you touch the moon

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