I’ve never really labeled myself as an “artist”, but I love to dabble in many of the artistic genres. I tend to just let my mind tell my hands what to do, and I wait for the end result. I kind of move around through photography, writing, painting, and drawing. I’ve never put my art up for sale, but I’ve had a few people that made special requests, which were granted. My photography can be all over the spectrum, but I tend to be drawn to lines, light, and the unusual. I also enjoy themed series, in which I can try to tell a story.

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Hello and Thanks...

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the kind comments on my “Featured on the Homepage” honor. I also want to say HELLO to all those that added me to their watchlist- hope I don’t disappoint. It’s my second homepage selection, but unfortunately, I didn’t log on in time to see this one. / - thanks for all the comments- advice welcome / …
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Are you from Oklahoma?

If you are from Oklahoma, or love images of Oklahoma, well then, there is a group for you! The Oklahoma! group is brand new, and waiting for Oklahoman’s to show off their best shots of our great state. Do you know other Oklahoman’s on RB?! Well pass this on! It’s a place to share your art with your neighbors, and talk about the best shots in Oklahoma.
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Pardon me while I switch gears...

I’ve kind of been drifting back into a writing mood, as of late. I’m yet to write any actual words on paper, but my mind as been piecing thoughts together on some possibilities. I’ve always been that way. Thinking about things for a while, and concocting ideas before any real work is produced. I’ve pulled out some stuff from years back, to get back into the “writing …
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Sorry for any confusion...?!

Sorry for filling up everyone’s activity monitor page. Just to cover my arse, I made sure that my “In the Moment” writing entries were properly submitted as “written works”, Sorry for the confusion, and here I am making it worse by posting another journal! Eh. Clayton
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