5 Divine Law of Relativity

When all that is; is relative
There’s nothing else at all to give
For all that’s given has been got
And all; is such a very lot

It’s from the heart that didn’t matter
And if illusion could just shatter
You’d see the gift ; it was your own
Your smile your tear your heart your home

For giving; it has been received
The receiver now is much relieved
The gift it was a shining light
Where only dark; now there’s sight

And seeing is it’s own reward
Set down of it’s own accord
For who is wrong and whom is right
When the dark is only night

And set there in that silent space
Where rigid strings hold things in place
And dare we name it such a word
For gravity is but one third

For also there is love and light
As well as Truth this is but right
I’m dying to find out how to live
When death is only relative

And living is as I’ve been told
Something for the strong and bold
Yet it is also for the gentle
You may think that rather mental

For thinking comes straight from the mind
Sometimes harsh and sometimes kind
And that may be just how you live
After all its only relative

If reading that does make you feel
Overwrought and not genteel
Then just relax and take a breath
You know its only life and death

When alls in place and said and done
Just contemplating in the sun
The last jewel that I will give;
And hope that it will help you live

Is: As above is thus below
Heed this well and you will grow
For all you know is thus connected
In something so long misdirected

That which holds the suns in place
And galaxies in time and space
Ethereal and uncreated
And seemingly so unrelated

Depending on the point of view
These forces hold it all like glue
No matter thing or thought or friend
Its all related in the end

Gnow the Law of Relativity
Understanding it will set you free
Let go of that to which you cling
For you are all and everything.

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5 Divine Law of Relativity by 

(The ethereal Glue that holds all things in place)


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I am an intuitive artist and channel who has discovered that Of myself….I know nothing

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