i can’t draw. my paintings are like 3rd grade artwork. so, i got a camera. i needed a way to show everyone what i see. the mini movies/videos or stills stuck in my brain.

i am a rock and roll singer (among other kinds of music). i make jewelry. i write. i ramble. i repeat myself. and i’m a wee bit of a smartass. anything else you want to know? just ask.


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Taking a break

Hey everyone. / things are sooo crazy busy on my end that i may be slowly backing away from the bubble. I may randomly check in now and again, but it’s been a while since i’ve been able to keep up w/ everyone’s work and the groups. / so, if anyone is interested in helping/taking over “Portrait Masters” and “Boudoir” and help out eleveneleven w/ “T…
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Thank you...

to whomever bought postcards of “My Things.” Very lovely thing to see on a Friday morning.
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to the artists from our group That Feeling for making the homepage! And thanks to eleveneleven for putting it all together. / That Feeling – 2 May 2011 / by home page
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