One can choose to destroy or create. I feel a sense of responsibility toward creating good, light, positive, hopeful images/art. I have a husband and three boys. I want the world to be good for them and others. I try to find things that are cast off, or over looked, and reclaim them in my art. I live in a semi-rural area with neighbors from all over the earth. We love it here. Family, God, nature, and learning are my life."

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Expanding Bubble

So I’ve been moving through life, making art because I love it. It’s an extended journey filled with varying levels of success at different phases of my life. It’s hard to get out of my “bubble”, and to take my art to the next level. Then then I joined Red Bubble and found my personal bubble, expanding and not in a scary, “leap and the net will appear”…
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A Little Bit of Zen

Life seems to go better when it is cast in positive thoughts. My sons and I just watched a movie that lifted us up, and let us see things with more hope. Lovely. My youngest son said, “You know every one is born to do something.” He’s just nine, wow, to get that and to know that at a young age is something. It’s even more to retain that and live in the now, the moment…
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