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Ultimate Digital Toy(s)!!!!!!!

TAMRON has released a 18mm ~ 270mm f4.5~6.3 (yes, thats right – 15x zoom) which is equivelant to 29mm ~ 432mm (Canon APS-C format sensor) on a 35mm film camera.

It has asperical lens elements, an ultrasonic type focusing motor and in lens image stabiliser that is to die for!!

@ 18mm (28.8mm) 800asa 1/15s @ f6.3 hand held

@270mm (432mm) 800asa 1/13s @ f6.3 hand held (this is near the centre of the first image.

A B S O L U T E L Y an A W E S O M E lens!!!!!

Other than that, I recently got a 105mm f2.8 SIGMA Macro lens (35mm full frame) which equates to 168mm on my Canon

1/400s @ f8 1600asa hand held (no image stabliser) – brilliant lens

and a SIGMA 10mm ~ 20mm lens (16mm ~ 32mm 35mm equivelent)

1/50s f4 @ 10mm (16mm) hand held (no image stabliser) (left) 1/15s f4 @ 10mm (right)
another incredible lens – can be useful too – not just for making wierd images of my son or my mates

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