(it's all) about Me

Born Fiji 1956 – moved to Atherton FNQ, Australia at Xmas 1962. Married 1979 to a Townsville girl (Wendy). – 2 boys, 1983 + 1985 (very chuffed with them). Took up photography 1979 – professional 1985 (part time but became a member of the Professional Photographers Association of Australia) and continued to 2002 though I tapered off about 1998 when I also resigned from the P.P.A.of A.. Have had them all (cameras) – but my favourite are still my Rollei’s. (though I haven’t used them in years). Mostly wedding, portrait and commercial photography.

Now that our kids are off our hands I am taking an interest again and I’ve discovered how much I’ve forgotten i.e. the little things that make the difference.

P.S. please don’t be offended if I don’t respond to your comments, I appreciate them and I am glad that you have enjoyed(?) my work enough to comment.

P.S.S. for technical details please bublemail me or for questions that require long winded answers (and I can talk underwater) also use bubblemail. I looove bubblemail and am only too happy to answer any questions or give advice etc.


P.P.P.S. I’m about 13 years older than when I took this photo of myself. I’m a bit rounder and grayer and my hair is cut shorter but i still look essentially the same (or so I think)


  • philliplapeyre
    philliplapeyreover 6 years ago

    Re: P.P.P.S. — You should update your photo… I’m 23 years old, and i still only shave every 3 weeks! hahah and I’m already going grey — why do i skip the fun part of having a little beard! haha

    Your work is remarkable. My Bio is comical :) hah


  • ok ok ok i relent! this is me at my eldest sons’ wedding sept 07

    – Chris Cohen

  • Mazza
    Mazzaabout 6 years ago

    Good to meet you Chris.

  • D. D.AMO
    D. D.AMOover 5 years ago

    O! U wonderful MEN!

  • D. D.AMO
    D. D.AMOover 5 years ago

    + Creative & TALENTED!!!

  • D. D.AMO
    D. D.AMOover 5 years ago

    Above is sincere. I awoke with a fear, that I would be misunderstood… I just loved the self portraits and photographic expertise, etc. and was making easy comments. For you to say you have forgotten things..?..who would notice amongst ALL the things you do still KNOW! Glad that you are re-interested!

  • syzergy
    syzergyover 2 years ago

    Hello Chris, my name is Christine McDougall and we knew each other when we were kids..I lived in Mareeba. I love your work, can find me on Face Book, live on the Gold Coast.