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I am an Engineer & Photographer.

I have been using a camera since an early age.
I try not to use any processing on my photos.

I have used an old 126 film camera a Nikon compact, Pentax SLR and Fuji S20 pro, Nikon D80.

I now use a Nikon D300 + 2 hands.
My lenses are:
Nikon 18-135mm.
Sigma 105mm/F2.8 macro.
Nikon 55-200mm VR.
Nikon 55-300 VR.
Tripods, mini & full size.

My favourite shots are wildlife & nature.
I also like architecture.
I live in the UK, but did live in USA (Oklahoma) for nearly 2 years. I really loved the country and will go back sometime?

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Castle by the water——-

I See You——-

Fire in the sky——-

Sundown Downtown——-

Riding with the sun——-

Blue skies at night——-

Watching bees——-


On Reflection——-

Taos Mountains——-

Pond Alien——-

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Merry Christmas to one and all. / I hope your day is full of fun and joy. / Live Long & Prosper.
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My First 1000 views!

Just got my 1000th view…WooooHoooo
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Windows 7 Beta

Are there many people here using windows 7? / I’m using it right now and its brilliant. Faster easier to use etc…
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Thank you

Thank you very much to the “AS IS” group for featuring my work. / It is greatly appreciated.
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