I guess my photos can be considered ‘au naturale’. I have not enhanceed or improved my images in any way, they are raw and real!

I was born in Scotland, grew up in England and Cyprus, moved to Scotland again and have now lived in in Melbourne, Australia and intend to stay!

I dont consider my work to be nearly as spectacular as others on this site, but my photos are inspired by events and people in my life and they all hold meaning or memory to me in some way.

I dont have a camera of my own yet until I decide which one to invest in so some of these photos have been taken using family and friends cameras while I learn the skills!

I have been heavily influenced by my baby cousin and a long lost friend who are both on this site and displaying photography far superior to mine, if a little enhanced!

I hope that by displaying my photos on this site it will help me to see my progress from today and into the future….

  • Joined: February 2009