I live in the UK. I love to travel, mainly in Europe and particularly in Italy but with an affection for Paris (& weddings that I haven’t been invited to …..). You’ll get the picture as I upload more






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Clothing images

Hey, just want to say well done to RedBubble for the new clothing images, they are brilliant and really show designs off well!! / My Valentine Boxes
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Elf yourself Christmas fun

This is a work of genius. / I realise it is viral marketing but frankly when something can make me laugh this much I simply do not care / Elf Yourself / Have fun fellow ‘bubblers’, seasons greetings and happy new year to us all. / jibjab sendables
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I am so thrilled – featured on the homepage!! / Just like to thank all ‘Bubblers’ for their support and generous comments, I really enjoy being part of this community. / And to all those beautiful people out there wearing my ‘Boxes’ – I hope ithey bring a little fun to your day / Ciao regazzi
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Apologies - especially if I am on your watchlist

For bombarding you with so many works in one day – in case you haven’t guessed I’m building my choices for making a calendar
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