Started uni again-July

Hello Journal,

I have started uni again and doing illustration and design at N.M.I.T. It is pretty hard work, but I am happy with the work and learning. Also meeting people to is good, when I get all my work back from being marked I will post some.Working on a drawing I saw in a dream.

Mind Fire exhibition

Organized a group art exhibition for 10 of my friends at smart arts gallery in South Melbourne. First time I have done this, glad it is over and will be better and more organized for the next show.All up am glad about all the feedback and people selling their art, bit sad about people that put effort and money in and didn’t sell anything. Hopefully in the future it will get easier.

August 2009

Hello there who ever reads these,
Been busy organizing-currating a group show with friends. Seems to be alot harder than I expected, need to find keen artist that understand values of the art business. Maybe I am not cut out for the visual arts scene seems to be really pretentious or to relaxed, I feel like one of the guys from Anvil.
Just never going to get anywhere, be poor all my life working shit jobs becoming one of the norms-stereotypes that are brainwashed by fake plastic aestetics of the world.
After being to art school for 4 years I can see how the world seems to work, don’t see much logic and sense around. Just rich people getting what they want and poor people suffering from tall poppy syndrome, bitch bitch bitch wank wank wank.

July 2009

Already half way through the year, spent the first half of the year pissed off for some reason. Seem to be feeling a bit better and more nice since I had my holiday up north in Sydney.Started a new group, the art of skateboarding. Seems to be going well, Nick the other host of the group is doing comps and stuff, keeping everyone busy drawing and making art. Harray finally there is a skateboard art group that my art relates too, even though there are heaps of great styles and forms of art skateboarding seems to be were I can relate and feel at home with, when making art. To bad Melbourne weather is rainy or I would go for a skate!

Multi cultural Australia

Recently on the news there has been topics such as racicism about Indian people saying Australia is a racist country. I don’t know about you, but I grew up in South Gippsland in the hills with heaps of rednecks, bushpigs and bogans that listened to Rodney Rude and Kevin Bloody Wilson that were very racist. Also have been bash very badly by bouncers for being a “homosexual” at the prince of wales pub, which is a gay bar. mmmmmmmmmIt seems to me that some of the people that live here haven’t realized that some people that live in Australia are pretentious wankers that are very insucure and take out their problems on nice people.Acting like them makes you just as bad and is a chain in the abuse conditioning we are so used too. It would be good if we could be smarter in our acts in a nation …

Drawing day 2009

my work was featured in drawing day 2009, very impressed. Great to see so many artist all over the world drawing together, can’t wait til next year.I am working on a sculpture at the moment so probley will not see much art fro a while unless I find some old stuff and post it.

Redbubble journal

1st of June 2009Been on redbubble for a week or so now, lots of interesting artist. Great to see all the different styles and people networking online. Have to load up more art, find it all in the archives.Great that u can make your own tshirts and then buy them of your self. Good work red bubble.


Captains log May 2009

Have joined red bubble site, strange area in cosmic space of zero’s and ones. Hope to network around the world meeting people and seeing lots of art. P-arty on Andrew Hennig
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