i’m a girl with a boys name

selem-seleman jukut undise rasane bangkit. — balinese proverb

i’m a student in languages who has recently discovered photoshop … alot of my work has been done in my loungeroom on study breaks and in between assignments … now that i have finished my degree i hope to get out and about a bit more!!!

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Matur Suksema

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  • Age: 37
  • Joined: November 2007


thankyou so much .....

to the person who brought one of my cards!!! i really appreciate it!!!
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” My Entry In the PhotoShop Masters Group – Charlie Sedanayasa “

1: Tell me something about the image? / This image “rust” is something i created after seeing a friends image on flickr … i was deterined to figure out how to transform a face into the texture that was being overlaid onto it … / 2: How did you create it? / It is two images, one of my eye and one of a rust texture. i Ioverlaid the rust onto the image of my eye and played …
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i have a 'range' of t-shirts!

what a crack up! whod’ve thunk it!
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2 days in bubbleland ...

Well, i have had two days in bubbleland and i’m officially addicted!! i joined thinking i might sell some work but after 2 days i don’t even care!! i have met some fantastic people and been completely reinspired by what i’ve seen! / i also have been featured on the home page and had 2 of my works featured … i don’t know if that’s normal but it makes me happy …
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