RB vs RB

This is the message to let all friends and followers of Robin Brown know that his account has been suspended by RedBubble.

A bit of information for those who haven’t met Robin and his designs: Robin has been a member on RedBubble since a very long time ago. He quickly gained popularity and success with his tongue-in-cheek designs and good-natured humour. I highly value Robin as a friend and would like to thank him a million times for his valuable advice and heaps of inspiration. I’m sure I am not the only one who’d like to do that as well.

I was very saddened to learn that he had been (only recently and out of the blue) harassed by “them who shall not be named” and forced to remove several of his works. Robin firmly maintained his view that his works are a parody with no breach of copyright intended. In fact Robin’s designs are often exposing those who do copy the famous labels. But RedBubble decided the take the view that the artist is always wrong and finally suspended Robin’s account, which is rather hypocritical of RedBubble since there are still plenty of other designs available for sale on RB that directly copy the famous labels and logos.

Robin, you will be missed here on RB.


  • Manon Boily
    Manon Boily3 months ago

    this is really weird… so sad and unfair…

  • sad indeed…

    – Irina Chuckowree

  • Yampimon
    Yampimon3 months ago

    I guess nowadays a certain soup manufacturer would take exception to Andy Warhols work and demand it be removed. I’m afraid there is no arguing when the big boys start to complain regardless of circumstances or even time scale ( I once had some images removed from another site because some rapper produced an album that coincidentally had the same title as one of my works, no matter that mine pre-dated his by nearly three years! I pointed this out to the site to no avail, the big boys always beat the little ones).

    RB and other well known sites will never ever argue the artists case, the responsibility to ensure no copyright or intellectual property rights are breached is always with the artist.

    As far as I know suspension by RB is a bit like a visit to the Sin Bin, I don’t think it’s the same as expulsion, he will probably be back soon.

  • There are a lot of grey areas in this copyright issue. The more famous you are, the more you can get away with!
    Not sure Robin will be back. He had a rather bad experience here at RB.

    – Irina Chuckowree

  • Nikolay Semyonov
    Nikolay Semyonov3 months ago

    Since when good humor in general and wise parody in particular have becoeme a crime?

  • I do wonder exactly that!

    – Irina Chuckowree

    JUSTART3 months ago

    So sorry to read !

  • yes… thanks, Sylvia!

    – Irina Chuckowree

  • patjila
    patjila3 months ago

    This is incredible, I just read Robin’s post on FB….it’s completely unfair to treat your artists, who sell well like this! RedBubble your view seems to be blurred and not in a artistic way….

  • well said!

    – Irina Chuckowree

  • Photography  by Mathilde
    Photography b...3 months ago

    Definitely sad, definitely unfair – there are so many obvious works that appear to come under the auspices of copy right but seem to be allowed – Robin’s work has always carried the tag of parody and it beggars belief that his account has been suspended

  • Mattie, I loved going through Robin’s portfolio to have a laugh – his designs are so clever and witty, a rare talent! It is Redbubble’s loss when they suspended Robin’s account.

    – Irina Chuckowree

    BYRON3 months ago

    For a bit of balance,

    Robin was not picked on or harassed by RedBubble.

    His work would have been removed following a complaint from the Copyright Owner.

    RB is LEGALLY OBLIGATED to remove work following a complaint (DMCA Takedown Notice) otherwise they would be knowingly publishing work which infringes copyright – the penalty for which would shut down RB overnight.

    “Parody” itself is NOT an exemption to copyright. On the occassions where it has been found to be an exemption – it was decided in a court of law. So unless Robin has been to court to prove the Parody Exemption – then his claim has no legal basis whatsoever.

    While we all may appreciate someone’s work and their online persona, at the end of the day, copyright is law, and to violate that law is the same as theft… intended or otherwise.

    And there are ZERO gray areas when it comes to copyright.

    In fact it is mind numbingly easy:

    If its not your original creation, in other words: if you are basing it upon the existing work of another artist and you do not have their express permission (or it falls under the tenets of the Fair Use Doctrine), then you are not allowed too use it.

    Of course, if you think that you do havethe right to use someone else’s work, then you can always file a DMCA Counter Claim to have the work re-instated…. but hardly anyone ever goes down that path because they know they will lose.

    BYRON3 months ago

    there are so many obvious works that appear to come under the auspices of copy right but seem to be allowed …

    & nbsp;

    They are still on the site because it is the copyright owner’s responsibility to report them to the website owner, who is then legally obliged to remove them. RB do not, and can not, police all the works on their servers.

    it’s completely unfair to treat your artists, who sell well like this…


    Robin was in violation of copyright, and therefore in violation of the RedBubble Agreement about not posting work that violates copyright. Where is that unfair???

    It is Redbubble’s loss when they suspended Robin’s account…


    It would be nice to think so, but its not. In fact its a better place for having less stolen work on display.

  • Robin Brown
    Robin Brown2 months ago

    Lord Byron has spoken!
    I have the perfect T-shirt for Lord Byron!
    Bovine Excrement!

  • Robin Brown
    Robin Brown2 months ago

    Its also interesting to note that Byron (Redbubble) cant police content but they can find this one journal entry in an ocean of journals & use it to make a personal attack on myself.
    Speaks volumes Byron!