I took this shot of Doc while he was playing with my daughter. And yes his eyes are a crazy a yellow. He is a rescue who is living happily now in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. Yes, he is obviously a mutt, Jack Russell and Maltese terrier. He was given this name appropriately after Doc Emmett Brown of Back To The Future. For all of you who have been following all his adventure stories, heres another little story for you about Doc…
This incident happened soon after the other incident (the adoption story) that I wrote about (on another image). It happened about a week later when we took him on his first trip to Florida. We were still learning much about Doc and one of the things we continued to notice was that he had a tendency to bolt out the door and wander until he was good and ready to come home and he was also very frightened of men. I was told, when we adopted him, that he was brought in by a girl who was forced by her husband to give him up. And that she cried and sobbed as her husband stood with arms folded as she left him with the foster lady. The foster lady told us she would sneak and call to see how Doc was and to find out weather he was still there. Sadly, in one of these conversations, she confessed that her husband had been violent towards with her… and would often beat and yell at her and Doc. So, I wasn’t surprised after this incident… …But I was thoroughly amused!!
We go to spend several months in the summer at my parent’s in Florida. I have to admit that when my Dad first met Doc he did not particularly like him but we would soon find out that this would be short lived. They live down a quiet street at the very end of a culdesac. We noticed a young man parking his car right onto the lawn and get out with a VERY large Great Dane. The man was big and tall, as well, and he was on the phone. He walked over, right in the middle of our yard and pointed for his dog to relieve himself!!! Well, my father nearly blew his top! He rushed to the door and said, "what the…??? do you think your doing!!! And the guy started walking right for my crippled dad saying he was suppose to meet some friends here. I was getting very nervous at this point. Dad said, “you go pick that up right now and get off my property”!! The man said he would not and kept walking right for my father! I was just stunned at this guys crazy behavior and all I could think of was, "Oh, God!, Oh, God!, Oh, God!, what’ll I do?!! In the heat of the moment we had forgotten about Doc and the door cracked open just enough for Doc to escape. He must have sensed the tension and he went right for the guy like a gun shot! The kid stopped and almost seemed humored by the sight of Doc charging him UNTIL Doc sunk his teeth in his foot! He yelled and turned to run for his car. I could tell that Doc was frightened because he let out this unnatural scream just before he latched on to this guy’s foot. And he clamped down like a turtle! The guy was trying to run with one leg and finally managed to shake Doc off… Only Doc still had his shoe in his mouth! The guy dove into the open window of his car. Then Doc turned dropped the shoe and went after the Dane! Although Doc didn’t have a chance to get a hold of the Dane he was still screaming with those eery cries. And just before he got close enough to grab him the dog leaped straight over top Doc and into the car window right on top of the kid who was struggling to get the car started. The two sped off never to be seen again as Doc proudly trotted back like a proud Tennessee Walking horse with the guy’s shoe in mouth. Doc pranced right back into the house and within a few minutes I noticed that he was laid up against my father as he sat reading the news paper. I said, “Well, what do you think of him now?” And my father admitted with a huge grin, "He’s alright!… “Yep, Doc’s alright!” And he patted him on the head and went back to reading his paper.
Features & Challenges:
Caption Fun group, 3rd place in the “Attitude” Top Ten Challenge, Jan 2010
10th place in the Cats and Dogs being Silly! challenge for the Cats and Dogs group- June 2010
Paws & Claws group- featured Jan. 2010
Nuts About Mutts group- featured Jan. 2010
3rd place “You’re not the boss of me” Challenge in the Caption Fun group- Jan. 2010
Toy Dogs R Us group- featured Feb. 2010
Respectful Terrier & Retrievers Group- Aug. 2011
1st place in “Give us a laugh!” challenge in the PhoDOGraphy group- Aug. 2011
*6th runner up in the Feature Challenge voucher 2011 of the Respectful Terrier & Retrievers Group
- Oct. 2011


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  • Georgie Hart
    Georgie Hartover 4 years ago

    Goodness me what an expressive face – Great work!

  • Thank you, Georgie! And the funny thing is, he was being very light and playful when I took this. I was amazed when I downloaded these and found this among all the other sweet shots!

    – Linda Costello Hinchey

  • Georgie Hart
    Georgie Hartover 4 years ago

    Well done on your third place Linda!

  • Wow! This is so awesome! I’m just I’m thrilled!

    – Linda Costello Hinchey

  • CeePhotoArt
    CeePhotoArtover 4 years ago

    Your cohosts,
    Cee and Chris

  • I appreciate it, Cee and Chris!!

    – Linda Costello Hinchey

  • JaninesWorld
  • Thanks, Janine!!!

    – Linda Costello Hinchey

  • Susanne Correa
    Susanne Correaover 4 years ago

    What a wonderful story Linda well I am glad that you adopted Doc he is thanking you and I adopted both of mine also and I am a volunteer for the SPCA so I am always happy when someone adopts :)

    Image by sarahnewton

  • Thank you, Susanne. I’m am also so thankful for that fateful day when I went to adopt Skittles and came home with both Skittles and Doc! It was meant to be. I do think he was showing us his gratitude that day. And thank you for the work you do with the SPCA! We need more like you!

    – Linda Costello Hinchey

  • Lisa Baumeler
    Lisa Baumelerover 4 years ago

    Congrats on your feature! Great capture!

  • Thank you so much, Lisa!

    – Linda Costello Hinchey

  • cventresca
    cventrescaover 4 years ago

    Beautiful story and incredible baby!!

  • Thank you so much… He truly is incredible even to have obviously been through so much.

    – Linda Costello Hinchey

  • Morag Bates
    Morag Batesover 4 years ago

    Marvelous story, and super shot !

  • I’m so glad you were please by Doc’s story, Morag! This was shot was a big surprise when I downloaded them to view. Thanks!

    – Linda Costello Hinchey

  • ginabgood1
    ginabgood1over 4 years ago

    Looks like an opera singer!! Great shot!

  • YOU’RE RIGHT!!! He really does!!! “O Sole Miooooo”!!! ha ha! Thanks, Gina!

    – Linda Costello Hinchey

  • Brandie1
    Brandie1over 4 years ago

    A very brave little dog you have.
    The poor woman that had to give him up.
    My old gran said to me once, Honey if any man ever hits you,
    You just smile & in your sweetest voice ask him how well will he sleep tonight with one eye open.Then walk to the stove & pick up a fry pan & ask what he would like for his final supper.
    Well I have never had to do such a thing, As no man has ever hit me as yet.
    ( been a few that may have wanted to, But never did)Helps to have 3 strapping big brothers.)
    It is so sad that abuse does happen more ofen than not.
    But sadder still a woman thinks she has no way out, So stays.
    I thank God you ended up with Doc, & I pray the woman has left the animal hat beat her.

  • Brandie, I think of that woman often and I had never even met her. I wonder how awful it must be for women who can’t manage to get away from these abusers… and worse for the children & pet who have no choice or ways to get away. …Many probably don’t think of the animals they abuse, too. Very sad. I’m so like you, Brandie, I’ve never gravitated to that type of man but I’m sure if I was ever “tricked” into it, I would be like your grandmother!!! Only, my warning was… “Did you see that movie that Farrah Fawcett made called The Burning Bed???” ”…What was that guy’s name… Bobbit?” And I leave it at that. I’m truly blessed with wonderful men in my life. ….Wonderful children and fur babies too!

    – Linda Costello Hinchey

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