Chrome Design is a project between two sisters that love too much t-shirts and anything in between and always wanted to have something unique instead of the regular t-shirts.

We specialize not only in unique designs but also we love to see some of our favorite things and promote them the best way we can.
We accept requests for our t-shirts, you just need to name what you’d love and you’ll have the t-shirt for sale.
Bands, actors or even flags, just inbox us and we’ll make sure that we have it on sale.

About the requests: we accept unique requests – what does that mean? well, I know some of us want to have one of a kind t-shirts, posters, hoodies, stickers, iPhone cases – everything! – so we give the opportunity for everyone to submit to our bubble mail or comment on one t-shirt what do you want and when do you want and that item will only be available in a certain time one time only.


Thanks for the support.

  • Joined: July 2012