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What RedBubble means to me.

Today has been really lovely day for me. I’ve experienced a kind of epiphany. Received a number of encouraging bubblemails from such nice people, I feel as though I’ve made a bunch of new friends.

You see, I completed a diploma of Art & Design twelve years ago, and upon completion I fell into a kind of black hole as far as my art went. (Pathetic, I know) Sure, I carried on fiddlin’ with my paints and other medium…but really…I craved the interaction amongst the team I’d travelled with during the 4 years or so that the diploma took to compete. I missed their daily input, and being able to input in their lives too. Although we tried to keep together as an exhibiting group of friends…life happened and we eventually dispersed to do our own thing.

A creative black hole is, I suppose an oxymoron…but that’s what it’s been like for me until recently. I’ve been learning from watching and listening to bubbler’s out there in RedBubbleLand, and most of all, I’ve enjoyed the daily interaction with creative people of like minds. I feel as though my creative juices are beginning to flow again, and I like that feeling.

So thank you to all of you out there who have been so kind in leaving comments on my bubble. You can be sure that whilst it’s nice to receive a pat on the back….your input means a whole lot more to me than that. You’ve helped me out of the doldrums and I feel as though I’m ready to soar.

Bless you all

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