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I love to take photos and am not discerning, taking pictures of anything and everything, trying to see beauty in most things. I am also an artist, wife, mother of three and grandmother of four. Photography been a longtime hobby but since converting to the use of digital in 2008, it has now become an obsessive passion. Thank you for dropping by my site and I welcome any feedback and tips.

Please be aware that my images and artworks do not belong to the Public Domain. All images and artworks are owned and copyright© to Christine Smith, and cannot be replicated, manipulated, redistributed, or modified without my written permission. All rights reserved.

HOST of the group Christian Churches, Inside & Out

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WINNER of The Weekend Photographer – I’m Most Thankful For Challenge 16-11-2010
WINNER of The Bubblers’ Weekly Challenge Group – Babies Challenge 23-12-2010
WINNER of the Four Letter Word Group – Baby Challenge 15-05-2011
WINNER of the Creative Portraits of Children – The Joy of Being a Child Challenge 19-07-2011
WINNER of the This, That and the Other Thing – Things that Make Us Smile Challenge 07-02-2012
WINNER of the Cover Shots – They Are Precious in His Sight Challenge 10-04-2014

WINNER of the Christian Churches, Statues & Crosses – Best Featured Artwork Challenge
WINNER of the Postcards – Destinations, Interiors Challenge

WINNER of the Live and Let Live – November Avatar Challenge 30-10-2011

WINNER of the Down on the Farm – Down on the Farm Voucher Challenge 17-03-2011
WINNER of the Country Bumpkin – Farmer in the Dell Challenge 30-06-2011
WINNER of the Everything Old a New Treasure – Antique Farm Equipment Challenge 19-02-2014

WINNER of the Creative, Talented and Unknown – Doors Challenge 30-06-2011
WINNER of the Your Countyr’s Best – All Kinds of Doors Challenge 20-07-2011

WINNER of the Australian Capital Cities – Best Photo Featured in November 2011 Challenge 07-12-2011
WINNER in the Australian Capital Cities – Perth, On a Sunny Day Challenge 13-07-2012

WINNER of the Religious Architecture – Inner Light Challenge 15-5-2011

WINNER of the This, That and the Other Thing – Lighthouse Challenge 29-06-2011

WINNER of the Preserving History – Our First Year Challenge 15-04-2011

WINNER of the Architecture – The British Isles – Beginning with Q Challenge 25-02-2011

WINNER of the English Church – Twin Towers Challenge

WINNER of the Through the Eye of a Lens – All Creatures Great and Small Challenge

WINNER of the The Scots Are Coming – Town Hall Challenge

WINNER of the Architecture, The British Isles – Empty Window Challenge 14-04-2012

WINNER of the Neighbours, the Aussies & the Kiwis – Best Grand View Taken in OZ or NZ Challenge 21-06-2012

WINNER of the Australian Capital Cities – Photos Featured in Jauary Challenge 18-02-2012

WINNER on the Everything Old a New Treasure – Antique Dining Rooms Challenge 15-07-2012

WINNER of the Country Bumpkin – Country Mornings Challenge 06-08-2012

WINNER of the Down By the Sea – Piers and Jetties Challenge 08-09-2012

JOINT CHALLENGE WINNER of the A World of EOS – Domes Challenge 10-09-2012

WINNER of the Australian Capital Cities – Interiors Challenge 10-10-2012

WINNER of the Australian Coastal Towns – We would like a lighthouse in the photo challenge 20-05-2013

WINNER of the Australian Country Town – A Bridge in the Country Challenge 20-05-2013

WINNER of the A World of EOS – Urban & City Photography Challenge 03-06-2013

WINNER of the Australian Women Photographers – Children Challenge 06-06-2013

WINNER of the RedeBubble Boomers – Majestic Mountains Challenge 26-06-2013

WINNER of the Roadways, HIghways, Stairways & Byways – Empty City Streets Challenge 01-07-2013

WINNER of the Absolute Clarity – Outside Lamp Challenge 01-07-2013

WINNER of the Highlands and Islands Photographers – Your Favourite Challenge 27-01-2014

WINNER of the People at Work – Working in a Bar, Pub or Coffee Shop Challenge 17-02-2014

WINNER of the Windows and Doors – Green Door Challenge 18-02-2014

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Sale of 6 Prints

Thank you so much to the person who purchased prints of 6 of my images before Christmas. I’m absolutely thrilled and it is very much appreciated.
Posted over 1 year – 10 comments

Why the continual change?

Is anybody else getting ticked off with RedBubble. There seems to have been a continual stream of change over the last few months, and not all for the better. The latest has you clicking even more buttons. Originally if you liked a thumbnail image you would click on it and get the full image, the description and the option to leave a comment. Now you have to click one button to see the descri…
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