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I love this smell of new art in the morning.
Inspiration and beauty can be found in so many places, one just has to LOOK.
Whatever makes us look at life, the world around us, ourselves, in different lights, in different ways, with difference voices, bringing us together, in ways we previously never dreamed of, that is what motivates me and moves me.
As early as I could hold a crayon, I have loved the act of visually communicating my dreams and fantasies; design, art, creating whatever one wishes to label it.
Put it this way: since my tongue first stuck out the side of my mouth because I couldn’t get my crayon clouds fluffy enough, I have been looking for unique, if not better ways to re-create the world around me in everything from mashed potatoes and gravy to macaroni and dried beans; from Lego and Lincoln logs to CAD, from chocolate syrup and ketchup to acrylics and watercolors; colored pencils, pens and markers; now its Micrographix to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and Corel Painter.
My latest tools are Apophysis and J Wildfire. I love the similar randomness of how I paint (even digitally). I don’t always (rarely) have a plan- I love the abstract. And when an image tells me it is done. I sit back and look for something to come to life, just like looking up at the clouds, or staring at the stars, or watching a slow moving stream. In the randomness of nature one can always find structure, beauty, and,of course, art.
I am the perpetual student, because I can’t sit still in any one medium (look at my portfolio). I love what I do, even it I only dare to call it a career. My kids like it now too, and besides, it’s a heck of a lot better than blowing stuff up. And sometimes people like my stuff enough to buy it. That’s cool too.

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