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Chris Lord

Chris Lord

New York, United States

The Park Avenue Sculpture City Image, a tutorial.

A couple of folks have asked me how I did the Park Avenue Sculpture picture. I’ll do my best to describe my procedure but I have to admit that usually when I’m zoned out I barely remember what the hell I did! But this time I have a good rough idea how I got to the finished picture so here goes. It helped because I basically knew what I wanted before I started out.

First I loaded all the images with the sculptures that I wanted to use into Photoshop using the biggest round sculpture as a main background.

Then I cut all of the other sculptures out of their Park Avenue backgrounds using the Topaz Remask plug-in and moved them all into one image on different layers. I activated each layer and positioned them looking for a overall good feel.

Using layer masks I deleted the bits that covered portions where I wanted things to look like they went behind other things.

I overlaid the whole shebang with a couple of cloud images and a sunset sky image at various opacities using different blend modes to get the effect I liked.

Lastly I added the birds using a home made brush (made from photos of birds in flight I had taken).

After flattening the image I ran it through onOne’s Perfect Effects and Nik’s Color Efex plug-ins using two or three lightly applied (around 50%) presets to fine tune the “look.”

Of course I screwed up a couple of times (mostly when doing the positioning trying to get a balanced feel) and deleted all layers except the back one twice and started from scratch each time. There was some trial and error getting to the finished image but that was about the gist of it.

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