Chris Hardley

Chris Hardley

Northampton, United Kingdom


My names Chris Hardley, currently studying for a BA Honours in Spanish, Portuguese, and International Relations (Hispanic Studies & Politics) at Queen Mary, University of London. So I do photography as a hobby, or rather did as I can’t find much time for it these days! I use a Canon EOS 350D with a kit 17-55mm lens, a Macro, aswell as a telephoto now, using mostly the 17-55.

I link most of my photography with Urbex aswell.

Although I’d love to still be doing Urbex, I don’t tend to do it all nowadays for various reasons, and I’m leaning towards more contemporary political photography, capturing the emotion and expressions of people at demonstrations for example.

Also! I welcome any negotiations on my pictures!

Positive criticism welcomed!

  • Age: 20
  • Joined: December 2008